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Mont SUTTON is recruiting for the coming season! With our number of summer activities growing year after year, many positions that could appeal to a variety of people are open to you. Whether you’re looking for student, seasonal or annual work, you’ll find a job you like at the mountain!


To help you choose a job that suits you and to have a little fun, our team has put together a flow chart in the form of a little quiz. With this tool, discover the variety of jobs offered at Mont SUTTON. According to your interests and your skills, you will be directed towards the position that will make the most of your qualities. By answering a few questions with a yes or no answer, you will be guided to a job option.


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This flowchart was created to make the job search process entertaining and fun for you. It is far from an exact science, so don’t limit yourself to the one option you will be given. If you are still unsure about your choice, you can also fill out a spontaneous application form on our website. Based on your experience, skills and the positions you are interested in, we will find the right job for you within our team.


If you want to spend your summer in the sun, you can become a day laborer or a zipline guide! Do you want a job that gets you moving? Become a patroller or a bike instructor! If you want to work in a kitchen, we have positions for cooks and kitchen helpers. If you want to interact with customers, become a consultant at the boutique or a customer service attendant. This is only a small part of the jobs that are offered this summer at Mont SUTTON.


You will be able to fully enjoy nature and outdoor activities. You will have the opportunity to be part of a team that has at heart to offer a warm and authentic service to its customers. Mont SUTTON is a unique playground with 44 km of mountain bike trails, a rustic campground at the summit, chairlift rides offered seven days a week during the summer, a giant zipline and much more!


Available positions are posted here. You will find the job descriptions, the skills and abilities that are required and even additional details. You can apply for the job you want directly online. Please note that some jobs might already be taken when you are reading this. Go ahead and explore the different positions that might interest you!


Click on the position you’re interested in to get more details!



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