Outdoor Maintenance Position


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Position summary
As part of his duties, the employee must perform various outdoor maintenance jobs using many different kinds of tools and machinery.


Roles and responsibilities

  • Perform field work, such as, lawn mowing, brush clearing, tree cutting, trail maintenance, snow removal, etc .;
  • Painting and/or maintaining outdoor infrastructure;
  • Maintaining the premises (base, parking, camping, etc.)
  • Participating in the development of the site (installing fences, signage, garbage cans, etc.)
  • The use of various tools to carry out the requested work;
  • The handling of heavy objects;
  • Driving different machinery and vehicles when required.


The task list is not exhaustive and represents an overview of the tasks the applicant has to fulfill.


Aptitudes and Qualities

  • Good physical endurance;
  • Autonomous and reliable;
  • Good at handiwork;
  • Able to work outside in different weather conditions;
  • Has good communication and teamwork skills.


Schedule and duration

  • Seasonal employment;
  • full time or part time on weekdays;
  • Summer schedule; leave on Friday afternoons!






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