Disc golf

- In wooded area -

From June 23 2022 to November 06 2022



Golf player? Ultimate frisbee fan? What could be better than mixing two passions in one sport!

Yes, it will now be possible for you to practice disc golf right here at Mont SUTTON. A course of 18 baskets in the middle of Mont SUTTON’s glades and nature awaits you with your family or friends.


What is Disc golf?

Disc golf is played with special discs (similar to a Frisbee) and the game is somewhat similar to golf in that the objective is to hit the baskets (holes) throughout the course with as few shots as possible.

According to some sources, disc golf began in the late 1950s. As of 2022, the sport is now played in 79 different countries for a total of 13,323 courses worldwide. That being said, the sport is relatively new as 71% of these courses were launched in the last 10 years!


How do we play?

We throw the disc from the specified starting point (mound) and then throw from where our disc is. The player whose disc is farthest from the basket is the next to throw, directly behind where the disc came to rest. To finish the hole, your disc must land in the basket or in the chains. The goal is to play the entire course in a minimum number of throws (par number). The Vegas format is also very popular as it is more collaborative and faster as you start with the best shot of all.


What we like about the Mont SUTTON course

Directly in the heart of the Mont SUTTON ski slopes, you will appreciate the wooded environment and the view as well as the many other mountain activities. The course is for all levels.


Player reception

The reception of the players is done at the ticket booth of the lunchroom and at the boutique.


The people in charge will explain the course as well as some basic rules to respect for the Disc golf. A colored bracelet will be given to you to indicate that you have paid your access to the site.


To start the course, you will need the discs and the paper scorecard available at the store or on the mobile application https://udisc.com


Course and duration of the activity

An 18-hole course takes about 1h30 to 2h30.

Physical map throughout the course.

Scorecard given upon arrival or a virtual scorecard available with QR code.



Technical information for the experts

A course of 18 holes / baskets

Length of the course : 4087 feet (1246 meters)

Length between baskets
Under 90 meters : 14
90 – 120 meters : 3
More than 120 meters : 1

Normal : 27

Targets : Innova DISCatcher Pro28 in wooded terrain.

Mound : made of compacted rock




Ticket for one round of 18 baskets

Sold online, at customer service and at the store

Category Price
16 years and over 10 $
Child 6-15 5 $
Family (2 persons 16 years and over + 2 children) 25 $


Season pass

Unlimited on weekdays and without reservation as well as free and exclusive access every day after 4pm.

50$ / person

Get your season pass online now!


Discs rental: 5$ for the rental of 2 discs; one mid-range and one putter (+ 10$ fee in case of loss). Each player should have a set of discs.



Book your round of disc golf online now!




The disc golf course will be open 7 days a week starting June 23rd until November 6th.

First tee time at 9:00 am. Last tee time at 3:00 pm.

Tee times are every 15 minutes.

Starting at 4:00 pm, the Disc golf course is reserved for seasonal members.


Arrival time

Specific time (Tee-off) must be 5 minutes prior to the start of the course.

Before starting the course, clients must confirm their tee time, which they will have reserved in advance. We strongly recommend booking online.

You will be able to familiarize yourself with your discs some time before your departure in our driving range at the foot of the slopes.



– Do not throw until other people are out of range

– Groups of players must throw one at a time

– Players may not break, bend or hold objects or vegetation to create space for their shot or to make a path to the basket.

– Please do not litter the course, keep it clean.

– Watch out for cyclists and hikers nearby.


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