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The secret of our success like among others is the respect and the dedication which we have always showed towards our clientele. We would like to continue with this respect on the Internet. We agree to protect the confidentiality of the particulars of our customers in an electronic environment. Ski Sutton inc. does not reveal to a third party any confidential information of his(her) customers, such as name, address, telephone numbers or electronic address. This site was created to add a facet to our service to the clientele. Thanks to this tool, we can collect your comments, inform you about our products and offer you some more services. This section expresses our protocol as regards to the collection and the use of the information which you communicate to us. The information which you confide (entrust) us with is precious and is intended for only our use. In any circumstances, they will be treated (handled) so as to protect the confidentiality from it. Under no excuse, we shall agree to sell or to exchange the data collected by the intervention of this site. Also, we will never accept or take steps (methods) with the aim of obtaining personal information concerning you, unless you chose to communicate this information to us. The information for which we ask you is for the sole purpose of helping us get to know our customers better; we use them to adapt the contents of our site to the profile of our clientele. We strive to give the best service possible. Your electronic address will be used only to communicate special promotions, offers and novelties that are indicated on our site. Personal information will not be revealed to any organization, company or person. Also, we shall make the collection of the other information concerning you by other electronic means, some with the address of the Internet site by which you reached our site, and some through your type of browser. We shall use this information to adapt our Web site according to your interests and your preferences. The technology of ” cookies ” is widely used on the Internet. These are harmless and can pass on to your computer without problems. A “cookie” can not identify you personally.



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