Mountain bike rentals

Dual suspension


Access to mountain bike trails not included.


Also find out about our mountain bike initiation packages, with or without rental.

(helmet included)
3-hour bloc
AM or PM
Dual suspension  $69 $110
Bike-insurance $10 per bike rental
We suggest that you take the bike-insurance which will cover all costs related to a puncture as well as the technician’s time for repairs in case of damage of another component of your rental bike.
Helmet $10 without a bike rental / Included with bike rental
Elbow & Knee pads package $15




Limited quantities. Reservations strongly suggested. To make a reservation, please have the following information on hand: date of birth, weight and height of the user. Full payment is required at the time of reservation.


It is the customer’s responsibility to contact the Reservation Center at 1-866-538-2545 option 0 to reschedule or change a reservation (within the time frames outlined in the policies below). Voice messages on the Reservation Center’s answering machine will be accepted.


Cancellation policies: A 50% penalty is applicable for a cancellation made within 14 days of your reservation date. Three days or less before your reservation date, there will be no refund.


Date change policy: A change of date is possible without charge more than 3 days before your reservation. Only one (1) date change is allowed per reservation, once a change is made a 50% penalty is applicable for any subsequent cancellation or modification. Three days or less before the date of your reservation, no change is possible.


No delay will be tolerated for the return of the bike rental. Late fees will apply if the bike is returned after the end of the rental period.


Taxes not included. The rates are in Canadian dollars and may change without notice.

Before your visit, please make sure to read about the preventive measures and instructions at the mountain.