VAN and RV Overnight Stay


Parking lots where Van and RVs can be parked for a night stay:

☀️ In summer/fall season : P2C, P3B, P5C et P5D *

❄️ In winter season: P3B, P5C et P5D *


Exclusive to users of recreational activities of Mont SUTTON as required by municipal rules.

**Please note that during freeze/thaw periods when the hiking trails of the Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton are closed, therefore P5 parking is also closed.


During your stay, take the opportunity to discover our outdoor restaurant, open at lunchtime, as well as our Musical Saturdays from July 6 to October 12.



No services: No water, electricity, toilet, shower or picnic table… you are outdoors and must be fully self-sufficient.



Fees: $20 / per night, per vehicle – to be paid online or at the shop.

The costs to be covered allow to ensure the good cohabitation and the sustainability of this permission in the long term. Thank you..



Rules to follow to guarantee the sustainability of this great opportunity:


Although somewhat distant from residential areas, we ask that you be mindful. Sound carries easily in the mountains and other campers might not appreciate the disturbance. Obviously, mutual respect is paramount between users, the mountain staff and the community.


There is no tent camping allowed at the base of the mountain and fires are not permitted. Rustic camping for tents is located at the top of the mountain and by reservation only (available during the summer and fall seasons only).


We ask that you park in such a way as to minimize the space occupied in the parking lots and perpendicular to the edge of the parking, so that a maximum number of users can be accommodated by day and night.  All types of recreational vehicles without generator up to a maximum of 18 feet are accepted in P2C, P5C and P5D and up to a maximum of 30 feet in P3B. You must be self-sufficient and pack out everything you bring. There are no garbage or recycling containers for your waste. Please make sure to keep the area clean, hence maintaining the right of access to the grounds.


Dogs are allowed but they must be under the control of their owner at all times and not disturb. For each activity, the rules are different: they must be kept on a leash near the main chalet, are tolerated on mtb trails but must not interfere with other mountain bikers and are not allowed on many of the hiking trails of the Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton.



If you have any questions, please write us at



Details of activities and schedule of services here.



* Only van and small RV under 18 feet, without a generator, are permitted in parking lots P2C, P5C and P5D. Motorized recreational vehicles under 30 feet, without a generator, are welcome in parking lot P3B. No tents allowed anywhere other than the summit campground. 


Rates in Canadian dollars and taxes not included. Rates and rules subject to change without notice.