Apprentice Lift Mechanic


Job summary

Under the supervision of a lift mechanic, the apprentice works on the maintenance, improvement, inspection and repair of ski lifts. He also ensures compliance with the vision, values, policies and company procedures, including the requirements of the Z98 standard and safety.


Roles and responsibilities


  • Perform repairs required on lifts;
  • Work in heights and the intense cold at times;
  • Make routine inspections (checking structures to cracks and rust, checking electrical and hydraulic components, checking of engine, etc.);
  • Prepare and perform inspections of cables of the grips and of rockers (disassembly, cleaning, assembly);
  • Perform preventive maintenance;
  • Complete reports;
  • Read plans;
  • Drive Machinery (Bombardier, loader, ATV, etc).


The task list is not exhaustive and represents an overview of the tasks that the applicant has to accomplish.


Skills and Qualifications


  • Interested in electricity, industrial mechanics, welding and map reading.
  • Experience in a similar position (an asset);
  • Valid driver’s license.


Personal characteristics


  • Ability to multitask;
  • Ability to work at height;
  • Demonstrate judgement;
  • Positive and proactive attitude;
  • Team player.


Schedule and duration


  • Seasonal position


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