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  1. The presale of the passes has started!

    Published on 11 September 2020

    “Snowflakes are falling… You are sitting in the chairlift… You take a deep breath of fresh air… You reach the summit… You are there, at the top of your favorite slope… You contemplate the landscape… Nature surrounds you, invades you… […]


    Published on 29 May 2020

    June is without question a month of gratitude for the sport and outdoor enthusiasts who are all too happy about the reopening of the camping, hiking and mountain biking trails. A camping trip to escape from it all! No need […]

  3. So many helmets and goggles to choose from!

    Published on 22 January 2020

    If you missed the helmet and goggles clinic… this may help you sort it out!   Skiing and snowboarding have evolved and so did the helmets and goggles. The most important consideration when purchasing a helmet is the fit, many […]

  4. Tips for an enjoyable experience on the slopes!

    Published on 10 January 2020

    Choose the right equipment for YOU. The first tip that comes to mind would be to choose the right equipment for your level of expertise but also for the type of skiing or snowboarding you prefer. Some people enjoy speed […]