The new Purely SUTTON summer collection has arrived at the Boutique

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Visit the Boutique Expérience SUTTON to take advantage of all our new summer products, including the full Purement SUTTON collection of clothing, accessories, and souvenirs! Yes, it’s here and waiting for you!



Let us guide you through this wonderful summer collection!


  • Caps featuring the mountain:


Just in time for sunny days, we’ve got some stylish, but above all, useful caps for all activities! Featuring logos representing the majestic peaks of Mont SUTTON, they’ll allow you to share your passion for the outdoors or your love for the mountain, while protecting you from the summer sun! Whether you’re hiking, camping or just out for a stroll around town, these caps will give you an authentic mountain look!


  • For mountain bikers, signs with trail names:


What better way to decorate your office, chalet, or home bike shop than with signs representing the names of Mont SUTTON’s mountain bike trails! Every time you’ll be looking at them, you’ll be reminded of the excitement you feel when you enter your favorite trail. Whether it’s the “Attache ta tuque”, the “Tiguidou mon minou” or “Lundi spaghatte”, you’ll be able to show your appreciation for the trail of your choice!


  • Purement SUTTON bike T-Shirts:


Are you a proud fan of the mountain bike network? Take a look at our new Louis Garneau bike T-shirts, which are very lightweight, so your body can breathe well during your hard work. They’re also made of soft and comfortable materials! Furthermore, they are the perfect way to demonstrate your passion for Mont SUTTON, but always in style, of course!


  • Mugs for your moments of relaxation:


Collector at heart? We’ve got the perfect mugs to keep a delicious souvenir of your time on the mountain. Whether you’re at home, at your chalet or at the office, you’ll be equipped to recapture the breathtaking beauty of the mountains with every sip!


  • Stickers for our proud mountain ambassadors:


Personalize your accessories! Whether on your laptop, your water bottle, your cell phone, your bike, or your car, our Purement SUTTON quality stickers will be ideal for showcasing your love for the mountain! What’s more, they’re weather-resistant, so you’ll be able to keep a sweet souvenir of Mont SUTTON for years to come!


Our friendly consultants at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON are waiting for you with open arms to guide you in your selection and help you explore this splendid collection in tribute to the beauty of Mont SUTTON!



The store is open 7 days a week, see opening hours here.



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