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  1. A forest zipline coaster, a premiere in North America !

    Published on 14 June 2022

    After the giant one-kilometre long zipline, the most inclined in Eastern Canada, was inaugurated last summer, we will be adding a first zipline coaster right in the hearth of a mountain to our summer activities this year!   Imagine sitting […]

  2. New features for the 2021-2022 season

    Published on 16 December 2021

    A lot of new things at the mountain. For the last few years Mont SUTTON has been innovating and this year will be no different. You might have heard about some of these innovations but, to make sure you got […]

  3. Mont SUTTON invests in RFID technology

    Published on 25 September 2021

    You will see a change of look for our season passes and tickets for the 2021-22 season. Mont SUTTON is switching to RFID technology). The new access cards will be equipped with a chip that will allow you to load […]

  4. Expanding our mountain bike network

    Published on 19 August 2021

    If you are a mountain biker, be sure to join us this Saturday August 21st, because the Mont SUTTON – Plein air Sutton/MTB network is inaugurating four new mountain bike trails. The sport is growing and more and more mountain […]