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If you are a mountain biker, be sure to join us this Saturday August 21st, because the Mont SUTTON – Plein air Sutton/MTB network is inaugurating four new mountain bike trails. The sport is growing and more and more mountain bikers are looking for destinations that offer a variety of trails targeting different levels of skill. It becomes imperative for the Mont SUTTON – Plein air Sutton/MTB network to be proactive and to be a leader of this trend, especially considering the quality of the playground that can be developed to respond to such trends and requirements.



New Learning Zone


The natural layout of the mountain makes it possible to design and plan a network where the riders progress is at the heart of the mountain bike offer. With the addition of these new kilometers of trails, included in the learning zone, a whole new series of trails will allow beginners and new initiates to learn the basics of mountain biking. This will give these same riders the opportunity to graduate to the more advanced trails, both new and existing, in the upper mountain sector and the adventure sector.


If you or someone you know would like to get started in mountain biking, we suggest an initiation with one of our bike school instructors.  If you don’t have a bike…No problem, our rental center has a fleet of dual suspension bikes that will allow you to make the most of your experience.  For all the information concerning mountain biking at Mont SUTTON, please consult our mountain bike section of the website.



New trails for all skill levels 


Tricoté serré is designed for riders who want to develop their skills on a flow trail within a safe environment. It is a trail that winds through the forest where you can slowly build up and take advantage of speed, but in full control, thanks to the raised berms and the gentle slope. The ideal sector for children.


Cé parti mon kiki will bring the difficulty level up a notch compared to the Tricoté serré. Offered as a finale to Attache ta tuque (expert), the start of this new trail is in the learning zone and takes the rider directly to the foot of the mountain. It provides a similar experience to the Tricoté serré, but on a steeper plane allowing for greater speed and requiring greater riding skill.


Aweille en bas complements the Aweille en haut climb. Its inauguration creates a nearly 6 km long loop for intermediate and advanced riders. It also offers, to riders who have graduated from the learning zone, the opportunity to use their skills for a first venture down from the top of the mountain network. This is a trail where riders can let loose without too much braking, try jumps if they wish, experience the pleasant sensation of the “flow trail” design, but also take breaks and admire the breathtaking views while traversing the ski trails.


In the adventure sector of the network, the extension of the Grande Seduction will prolong the pleasure of long-distance enthusiasts, in a rustic setting in the midst of the boreal forest. This extension of nearly 3 km, strewn with jumps, berms and features, will bring the total length of the loop to nearly 5.5 km. An adventure in nature!


In a few weeks, a fifth trail will be inaugurated, adding to the expert offer. J’ai mon voyage will join Skimo, Tiguidou mon minou, Tiguidou right through, Avec de la broche, Attache ta tuque… as an expert trail in the network. Designed for thrill seekers, J’ai mon voyage will give experts a run for their money. Details about the opening of this trail will be available soon.


All of these new trails and the entire network can be viewed on the Trailforks app or at https://www.trailforks.com/region/plein-air-sutton-19149. Please note: to consult the new trails on the application, the user must proceed with an update to acquire the new data.


Mont SUTTON – Plein air Sutton/MTB would like to thank Aménagement Sentiers Verts, Appalaches Excavation, Sentier de l’Est and our network developers for their hard work building these new trails.



Chairlift mountain bike access


For the inauguration of the trails, this Saturday August 21st, we will have our first bike happening with a chairlift in operation. A great first for mountain biking at Mont SUTTON since the access will be possible seven days a week until September 6th and on weekends only, from September 11th to October 11th. One ride up : 17 $ + taxes + access to the trails.


It is important to note that Mont SUTTON and Plein air Sutton/MTB do not aim to offer downhill mountain biking. This is no way our intention.  The cross-country and enduro style trails are the essence of our magnificent trail network. The idea of offering access to the chairlift is to allow cyclists to save a bit of energy and to be able to enjoy the trail network for a longer period of time and especially the new trails. Information relevant to mountain biking can be found on our website.



Cycling related events


Running in parallel with the inauguration of the new trails, this Saturday August 21st will be the charity event MS Mountain bike challenge at Mont SUTTON. More than a hundred participants will ride on a circuit allowing them to complete 15 km or 30 km, gathering donations for research while having fun on the trails. There are still a few days left to register.


Moreover, on Saturday August 28th, the new GURoue Fest will take place at Mont SUTTON. In partnership with GURU, all are invite to come and ride and then listen to the musical guests in afternoon and evening: Caracol, le.Panda and DJ Mitch Oliver.


Summer has not said its last word!


Giant zip line, camping at the summit, chairlift rides, hiking are in operation seven days a week until September 6th and on weekends from September 11th to October 11th.


We hope to see you soon at Mont SUTTON, your four seasons destination!



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