The smart skier’s little COVID 19 guidebook

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We are all super excited to be able to ski despite the pandemic!  Although, we are all very conscious that enjoying a day on the slopes this season is not as straightforward as it has been in the past.  Like you, we need to take a few extra steps in our daily planning to ensure the continuity of the ski season and the health of one and all!  In this regard, and to make your visit to the mountain as pleasant as possible, we’ve given it some thought and we’ve put together for you the COVID 19 Smart Skier’s guidebook. Without being thorough, it will allow you to be more effective and efficient while planning your ski day.


Tips and tricks:

COVID Leader

For a day spent in a family bubble, why not designate a COVID “Leader”?  The “Leader” ensures that everyone has their equipment clean and ready; exchanges the e-tickets or passes.  The end result being, the family members forget fewer items and frustration levels are virtually eliminated. Consider covering the things on your prep list, including filling up the car, the evening prior to your visit to the mountain! Hence, in doing so, you are more relaxed and in less of a rush.

Scheduled reminders

The COVID 19 “Leader” could schedule a reminder (alarm) in his/her cell phone, thus avoiding forgetting the masks and face covers.  The same goes for the other essential items for your day of skiing: gloves/mittens, hydro-alcoholic gel, handkerchief bags, hand and foot warmers… Furthermore, you could consider having a supply of clean masks (reusable or disposable) in the vehicle at all times.

Be ready to hit the slopes

As the lodge can only be used as a warm-up hut, arrive dressed, ready to go and plan to leave all bags in the vehicle.  To reduce indoor foot traffic of accessible buildings, disposable or reusable hand and foot warmers are “great to have” items!

What does 2 metres look like?

Create your own examples of the mandatory 2 metres distance between your family bubble and others. For example, “when we put our poles together, end to end, it’s the right distance…”, “If you open your arms and point your poles outward, like the wings of an eagle, it’s the right distance…”, “Santa and his sled must be able to slide between the family and others, it’s the right distance…”, These visual cues will help toddlers even more.

Be self-sufficient

Small additions to your kit will come in handy to enhance your dressing, rest periods and meals. This season, indoor facilities have limited access. If you plan on bringing your lunch, think of using “thermos” type containers to keep your meals and drinks warm.  It’s time to go back out to the shed and retrieve the folding lawn chairs!  They will be practical and appreciated around the car for resting or at meal times. Add to this a floor mat to help you while putting on your boots… and why not even: a boot warmer!  On the other hand, we would like to remind you that gatherings outside the family bubble are prohibited according to the sanitary measures put in place by Public health Quebec.

Choosing your day

Skiing mid-week means smaller crowds and less waiting.  If your schedule allows you to ski from Monday to Thursday, make the most of it! Generally, parking is available closer to the mountain, and there is less people on the trails and at the lifts. This means shorter waiting times, something that will please young and old alike.  Occasionally, you may be under the impression that the wait time at the lift line is longer than usual. One must remember that, because of the 2 metre social distancing measures and the boarding restrictions, the line is stretched out longer than normal which in turn physically distances you from the boarding area.  However, in real time you will be moving forward in increments of 2 metres which entails a wait time comparable to that of pre-COVID times. Finally, remember that it is much more pleasant to wait patiently in line than to wait patiently at home because the ski hills are closed!  This brings us to our next point!

Lead by example, be positive

Mont SUTTON has provided and trained employees to welcome you, answer all your questions and make sure that the sanitary measures are respected.  This season, they are going above and beyond their line of duty so please collaborate, be respectful and be courteous! Give them a big smile behind your face cover!


Some Purely SUTTON tips in case you forget or need something extra!


If you have a craving, or if you forgot a part of your meal, no worries!  Our two restaurants are ready to re-fuel and satisfy your calorie needs.  For traditional dishes with Purely SUTTON twists, it’s a rendez-vous at our new outdoor micro restaurant the Cube-Ik.  However, when a little “pick me up” is required or a midday chill overcomes you, make your way to the Le Petit Tucker café-bistro ski thru window.


If you didn’t have the opportunity to read our little “tips and tricks” piece before you arrived at the mountain and are short of a glove or a neck warmer, no worries!  Stop by our Dépanneur-ski under the pop-up tent on the terrace of the Boutique Expérience SUTTON.   The following items are readily available: gloves, mittens, socks, goggles, neck warmers, helmets and ski poles.  Please note, only payments by debit or credit card are accepted.


So, thanks to these little tips and tricks, the day is likely to go smoothly and without any hiccups. What better way to fully enjoy your day on the slopes, alone or with your family!


To familiarise yourself with the impact of the restrictions on all the services at Mont SUTTON and to be fully versed in regards to the measures put in place in the context of the pandemic, please visit our page.


At Mont SUTTON we are privileged, we are at the crossroads with nature; we have breathtaking panoramas and one of the most spectacular playgrounds in the region.  Let’s respect the rules and share the good vibes!





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