Opening of Le Tomahawk Snowpark

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Our thrill and adrenaline seekers will be ecstatic to learn that as of Friday, February 26th, Le Tomahawk Snow Park will be ready to welcome its first riders!
Original design and adrenaline rush
The Tomahawk Snow Park is a collection of thrilling sensations designed for enthusiasts of acrobatics! The fans of rails, ramps, modules and jumps will be well served since we have them all you. Our Snow Park Rangers have worked hard on the design and building of a different and exciting park for this season. At the base of the ABC (#23) run, they offer you two of the most trippy sequences. The courses will satisfy adrenaline junkies and gravity sports enthusiasts!
Hours of fun
From novices to intermediates and from intermediates to experts, there will be something for everyone! The young and not so young, will be able to give themselves whole heartedly and will enjoy hour upon hour in the park! And to top it off just in time for the school break!
Immortalize your exploits!
Don’t forget to immortalize your coolest exploits during your runs in the snow park. Post your pictures on the social media and don’t forget to put the “hashtag” #PurementSUTTON. You have the chance to win a pair of tickets for Mont SUTTON, all this part of our #PurementSUTTON photo contest. Details can be found on the contest page of the website. Furthermore, Mont SUTTON in collaboration with iF3 invites you to participate in the Videoquest 2021. An opportunity to showcase local productions of snow sports videos. There are prizes for the top three productions and nothing less than a $1000 jackpot for 1st prize! To your lenses, everyone! Details can also be found on the iF3 Videoquest page of our website.
Reminder of the P.A.R.C. code
Following the P.A.R.C. code in snow parks is very simple and highly recommended. P- plan; inspect the modules and make yourself a plan. A- acknowledge; be patient, start small and progress at your own pace. R-recon; observe before jumping and clear the landing area quickly. C- control; be cool and stay in control! By following this code you will ensure a safe and fun-filled day!
Code of Conduct
Since the snow park is an integral part of the mountain and the ski area, you are subject to the preventive measures in times of pandemic and the respect of the Mountain Code of Conduct.
They boil down to these eight guidelines:

1- The golden rule; control,
2- Priority to the people in front of you!
3- Clear the track!
4- At intersections, priority to people higher up!
5- Help the rescuers if you are involved!
6- No to inadequate equipment!
7- No drugs or alcohol!
8- Respect the signs!
Then at Mont SUTTON we add #9 one…Have FUN to the MAX!
Have fun and enjoy Gang!




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