Good news and some mechanical challenges

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The good news:


  • 80% of the ski area is open; that is 48 slopes!  And the snowmaking continues.

  • The chairlifts I, II west, III, IV, V and VII are planned this weekend.

  • The landscape is beautiful. See pictures of the day every day on

  • A little more snow is expected every day between now and the weekend.


New mechanical challenges for chairlift II:

In connection with the last repair of the chairlift II, a new problem unfortunately occurred. Since the engine was put back into service, a broken coupling has caused damage to the newly installed drive shaft and other related mechanical components of the lift. Our lift supplier was immediately contacted in order to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible.  Some parts will need to be replaced and we are currently awaiting confirmation of delivery dates.  In the meantime, our teams are working with industry specialists to get the lift back up and running as quickly as possible.
We are obviously sorry about this situation. The best scenario is to restart the lift on Saturday.  However, since this is a mechanical equipment with multiple components, we cannot guarantee at this time that we will be able to restart the lift on that date.  We will continue to provide updates on the status of the lift as new information becomes available.  Please be assured that the lift will only be restarted after our suppliers and team of certified mechanics have completed all the work required for the safe operation of the lift.


Finally, as many of you know, we are facing an important labour shortage in the context of the pandemic and regional demographics. Also, some operators have left their position in the last weeks, which were unplanned departures. So we are still in hiring mode!
Spread the word!  Passionate skier and available on weekends?
Here is the job offer posted in the job section:


Thank you for being courteous with the staff. All the teams are committed to offering you a pleasant ski season despite the circumstances. They work hard in a difficult context. Please encourage them. Wear your mask, keep your distance, and respect the family bubble rule on the lift along with all the restrictions related to the pandemic. Please do your best to keep Quebec’s ski resorts open. It’s a privilege and it should not be taken for granted.


The mountain is beautiful, the conditions and the scenery are magnificent. Take advantage of it!




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