What was unfolding at the mountain yesterday?

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Could you hear it?

It was indeed a helicopter flying over the mountain all day yesterday transporting, up to the altitude of 680 m, large pieces for the structure that will be the starting point of our giant zipline!


Here’s a short video preview of what was unfolding on the ground! Impressive, isn’t it?



Yes, this summer you will be able to try our new giant zipline!

Your adventure will start with a chairlift ride up to 680m altitude. From there, the first big zipline of 1 km length will lead you to the intermediate station near Chemin Réal/Val Sutton. From this station, another 400 meters await you on the second zipline which will bring you back to the P3 parking lot near the main chalet. For a total of 1400m of zipline!


Nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and thrill seekers, stay tuned for all the details and reservations beginning soon!

Images of the work progress

Work on the zipline began last fall. Click on the picture below to view the photo album of the work progress!


With the range of activities offered at the mountain this summer, many positions are available at Mont SUTTON! View all the positions available here.



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