Well equipped to weather the storm.

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With nature constantly rewarding us with snowfall after snowfall these days, many skiers came to us asking, how they could improve their skiing experience when the mountain is blanketed in powder and visibility is reduced.
We asked our experts at the Boutique Experience SUTTON to share with us their list of must-haves for these conditions!


No one doubts that an adequate visibility is of utmost importance during those days when the light is white or when we talk about a white day.  So, choosing the right type of goggles and lenses is crucial!  White days require a better color filter and the ultimate visible light transmission, commonly known as VLT. These types of lenses allow between 80% and 43% of visible light (VLT) to pass through, which will allow you to differentiate every detail in the snow.  The Oakley goggles is known for its line with Prizm™ hi-pink lenses, with their light tint they are  ideal for white days, but also for fog or low light.



Any seasoned skier will tell you that dampness is the number one enemy of skiers!   So there are solutions to keep your feet dry in deep snow, which is often charged with large amounts of moisture.  Our experts at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON, agree that the best option is without a doubt, boot covers!   Boot covers are lined and 100% waterproof, they block the wind, the cold and the snow, keeping your feet dry, warm and consequently comfortable.


At every junction between parts of your clothing is a doorway for snow or cold to enter or for heat loss and comfort to seep out.  One of the most problematic areas is at the junction of sleeves and gloves/mittens.  In order to keep this junction as air-tight as possible, resort to long cuff gloves and mitts.   This will allow you to adequately cover the sleeve of the jacket and by tightening the strap you create a cold and snow barrier!  In addition, on colder days or during your touring trips, consider the concept of layering.  Our boutique staff can show you several models of the Swedish brand Hestra we have in-store.  They are masters of this very practical and comfortable concept.

Nothing is more unpleasant than getting stuck on flat terrain with poles that don’t float when pressed into the powder blanket. So, make sure you have poles with larger baskets to better support yourself.  Available at the boutique and highly valued by powder experts, the Leki brand offers several models that will provide you with good support enabling you to be stable in powder snow.

Snow is the first source of friction and momentum denier for you and your skis.  A common problem is often neglecting to wax your skis adequately.  Poor waxing greatly reduces our ability to fully enjoy every turn.  Stop by our mountain repair shop and take advantage of the high-end tech offered by our Wintersteiger Mercury robot.   The infrared waxing technology of our repair shop robot exponentially increases the quality of the glide of your skis.  Equally possible by the Austrian manufactured machine: sharpening and polishing of the edges with ceramic discs, repair of the P-Tex, repair of the base structure with stone as well as brushing and structured finishing of the base.  To serve you, we are open from 8 a.m. on weekdays and from 7 a.m. on weekends.  Our processing time is fast, and it is even faster on weekdays!

You are now well versed about the equipment necessary to make the most of a powder day and will increase your skiing pleasure at Mont SUTTON!  Have a great day on the slopes!




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