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As a lover of winter sports, especially snowboarding, it was only natural for me to find a job in the ski industry after graduating from university. It’s been a little over a year since I joined the marketing team where I can combine my passion for the outdoors sports and marketing, what more could you ask for!



As a true snowboarding enthusiast, I have been taking advantage of my free time to share my passion for the discipline of snowboard cross for 3 seasons now as a coach. Having tried many winter sports, I was still missing the snowscoot and I tried it for you!




Flow of the lesson with the all-inclusive package


As soon as I arrived at the mountain, I was taken care of by the Mont SUTTON team which is very reassuring for a first time. The all-inclusive experience starts with the pickup of my snowscoot, my helmet and my day ticket for the Family Zone at the rental center. Once the equipment was picked up, my instructor was waiting for me at the exit of the rental center and we were ready to start the lesson.



Once the introductions were made, we headed to the learning slope where I was asked a few questions along the way in order to find out my skills and knowledge of snow sports. Questions that assure me that the instructor will take my experience into consideration in order to make my lesson even more enjoyable, and that would have reassured my beginner friend who always likes to know that we will be careful not to go too fast.




Learning the basic movements and equipment familiarization


First, accompanied by my instructor, I walked up the lower part of the learning slope a few times to familiarize myself with the new equipment and the basic movements to adopt. Thanks to my instructor’s demonstrations, I was able to assimilate the technique well:



First of all, you have to position your feet in the center of the snowscoot and look far ahead while bending your knees. Then, a bit like in alpine skiing, we have to do a flexion and extension movement when we turn, adding to that an upper body movement similar to the one done on a mountain bike to succeed our turn.



I was taught a few basic exercises such as sliding in a straight line and then braking on either side, making long and wide turns to learn to maintain control, and learning to turn on either side. Once learned, we headed to the magic carpet.



In the magic carpet area, I learned how to string together several turns one after the other, sometimes bigger turns and sometimes shorter turns. Once I learned these movements, I was ready to move on to the next step!



Consolidation of learning


It was at this point in the lesson that I learned how to board the chairlift with the snowscoot. At first glance, it may seem a bit intimidating, but thanks to the practice chair at the bottom of the slope, it becomes as simple as can be: one foot is slipped into the strap of the snowscoot and one hand holds the handlebars. Having noticed that my instructor was explaining the boarding technique, the chairlift operators slowed down the chairlift, which allowed me to board without feeling rushed. This little attention was well appreciated for a first time!



On my runs down the Cendrillon slope, I learned to pick up a little more speed and feel more and more comfortable between each of my turns. Knowing that I like challenges and that I was getting more confident on my snowscoot, my instructor taught me some more advanced techniques that would allow me to react in all types of snow conditions.



What I really appreciated about my initiation lesson was that the team took care of me from A to Z, taught me step by step and personalized my lesson according to my abilities. This makes the experience just as enjoyable whether you are a beginner in the world of skiing or an expert in alpine skiing or snowboarding!



A sport that deserves to be known


Snowscoot also called snow scooter or snow BMX is a sport that is quite easy to learn, especially thanks to the good advice of my instructor! Little by little, snowscoot is gaining in popularity and it is now about thirty ski resorts in Quebec that accept snowscoot, including Mont SUTTON.




Learn more about snowscoot and let yourself be charmed by this sport!






If like me you want to learn how to snowscoot, visit the All-Inclusive Packages page !



See you on the slopes on a snowscoot?









Mélina Vincent, Assistante marketing


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