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Great news for Mont SUTTON! The announcement was officially made earlier this week concerning the annualization of several positions and the increase of the salaries. The station will now increase the starting salary to $15/hr for those who have no experience and will adjust according to several positions in a higher scale. Work experience is recognized at the time of hiring and the salary is increased accordingly. “This is not insignificant! We are in the midst of recruiting and we are facing the same issues as all companies in Quebec and elsewhere… We are in an ultra competitive job market and we want to remain an employer of choice in the region. In addition to enjoying the many advantages of working at Mont SUTTON, the new staff will also join a great team in one of the most beautiful mountains in Quebec!


Working for a growing company

Because of the important investments of the last few years, which will reach nearly 10 million dollars in the next two years, we note among others at Mont SUTTON: the improvement of the capacities and the quality of the snow production, the acquisition of equipment for the maintenance of the ski trails, and the electronic access system to the lifts. Not to mention the development of the mountain bike trail network, in partnership with Plein air Sutton/MTB, which continues year after year. In addition, the development of the foot of the resort and the construction of a 1,400-metre long zipline on two sections, the only one of its kind in Quebec, have both had positive impacts on the resort.


Increased salaries and more permanent positions

Being a four-season resort, the sources of revenue are increased and the jobs and the financial health of the company are stabilized. In addition to creating new positions and ensuring the permanence of many of them year-round, this also has a beneficial effect on the local and regional economy. Today, in preparation for the ski season, Mont SUTTON needs help in all departments! In spite of the repercussions of the pandemic in addition to the amounts invested at the mountain, Mont SUTTON has decided to make important adjustments on the compensation. “This announcement is a major adjustment that will have a very important impact on the payroll of the organization and it shows the importance of the changes and decisions within the development plan of Mont SUTTON. The station will continue to invest in its personnel, its infrastructures and the diversification of its activities in order to ensure its sustainability and the long-term jobs, but also to remain the main economic engine of Sutton and the region. It’s everyone who benefits!


A job for everyone! To see on

Positions are available in several departments, full time and part time, for people of all ages, from young to retired: ticketing, customer service, food service, lift operation, snowmaking, trail maintenance, etc. Applications can be made online or applicants can come in person. For more information, please visit the Mont SUTTON website:




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