Tips for an enjoyable experience on the slopes!

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Choose the right equipment for YOU.

The first tip that comes to mind would be to choose the right equipment for your level of expertise but also for the type of skiing or snowboarding you prefer. Some people enjoy speed and carving on groomed surface, others prefer to choose the type of terrain depending on what they feel like doing or the conditions of the day, either freeride in the glades and play in the natural snow or cruise on the groomed trails to practice long turns. Alpine touring is also becoming quite popular especially among Mont SUTTON’s enthusiasts since the mountain does have some of the most scenic landscapes. It’s not necessary to have boots or poles especially made for alpine touring to try our alpine circuit at Mont SUTTON but if you fall in love with alpine touring, you will want to choose equipment specifically designed for alpine touring.


This time of the year is great to shop for new equipment, demo season is ongoing from January 4 until mid-March, come meet our very own Boutique Expérience Demo Team and take the opportunity to sample the latest and greatest ski gear on snow to compare different feelings and technologies.



Choosing the right boots is also a key element in feeling well connected to your skis and keeping your feet happy! There are so many brands and models to choose from that one often don’t know where to start! Our experienced and highly trained bootfitters will guide you in your choice, we even offer a state-of-the-art bootfitting clinic if ever you need more customization.



Choose outerwear adapted to your needs.

Dress in layers and make sure you pick the right fit for the sports you practice and the type of snow conditions you like to play in! Snowboarders will like a longer jacket as well as pants that have a looser fit. Skiers will want a bit of a shorter jacket and more fitted pants but if you like to spend quit a bit of time in the glades, you will want a looser fit or outerwear made of a more advanced technology fabric.


Here are a few features of your outerwear that will make your day on the slopes even more enjoyable: Ventilations zippers, water-repellent zippers, Velcro adjustment, easy access pockets so you can grab your phone quickly to take a memorable picture, pants with articulated knees and padding on, definitely want to get removable suspenders if not wearing bibs unless you want to loose your pants as you go down your favorite trail or feeling that annoying breeze in you back. Choose a jacket with a fully adjustable storm hood that fits over your helmet and is loose enough around the neck so you can add extra layers and still move easily.


Technical fabrics will not only keep you warm and dry but they are also very comfortable and feel like a second skin, one of them is the FUTURLIGHT fabric from North Face which is truly revolutionary and will also keep you dry inside out, it’s breathable and will evacuate that extra heat yet waterproof and windproof. The FUTURLIGHT fabric will move with you so you will never feel restricted in your movements. The THERMOBALL fabric is also quite amazing, it provides warmth even when wet and is well known for its lightness and comfort.



Just remember that dressing in layers will allow you to customize what you wear as the weather change or depending on your level of activity, and that every penny spent is well spent. Quality outerwear will last for years and can sustain some serious millage!



Extra tips to stay warm

  • Choose efficient base layers to wick away moisture and transfer heat
  • Quality gloves or mitts as well as glove liners
  • Heat packs for your hands or feet
  • Ski mask and balaclava
  • Bum flap to keep you butt cheeks warm and dry
  • Heating socks, heated insoles, heating elements to put in your boots
  • Heating air in-boot dryer, even one that you can use in your car!


See where you’re going.

Get great quality ski or snow goggles that will adjust to the light of day depending if sunny or snowy; night skiing as well as cloudy weather makes it difficult to evaluate the relief, you can also get a pair of goggles for sunny days and a second pair for flat light or night vision. Quality goggles will not fog up even when you do a face plant in deep powder, though you may want to carry your mini squidgy to wipe them out!


Stop by Boutique Expérience SUTTON, our friendly staff will share their knowledge with you and help you choose what’s best for you.



Protect your skin.

These UVB will turn your face red even on cloudy days and beware of the longer wavelength UVA radiation that is responsible for wrinkles and skin cancer as well as burning. The wind and cold can also be harsh on your skin and applying sunscreen on dry skin in the morning will not only keep your skin hydrated but also help protect it from frostbite, same goes for lip balm with UVA-UVB protection, it will also prevent you from having chapped lips.



Keep your stuff organized.

A nice big bag is perfect to keep everything organized, the best way not to forget your goggles, extra warm mitts and dry change of clothes is to pack everything the night before so that you are ready to go in the morning, it will also save you time so you can arrive at the mountain early and maybe even have time to stop by Le Petit Tucker for coffee or latte and enjoy a local pastry or a nice breakfast before you hit the slopes!



Give your equipment some love!

Don’t forget to tune-up your equipment at the beginning of the season and maintain it during the winter. Come meet one of our experienced technicians who will let you in on the best ways to care for your equipment depending on your skill level, ambitions and current snow conditions. A well tuned equipment will have you ride like a pro and be confident in all snow conditions!



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