Snow on the Beach costumes: 5 themes to inspire you

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The wait is almost over! Mont SUTTON’s Snow on the Beach will take place this Saturday, April 7th. On the program: fun, music and many splashes! A festive atmosphere awaits you with DJ Mitch Saucier who will heat up the foot of the slopes. That will definitely be a good thing for those who will have taken a cold bath trying to cross the lake! Moreover, the BBQ near the main chalet will surely satisfy both participants and spectators. Mark your calendar… the Snow on the Beach is THE event you won’t want to miss! But don’t be afraid to get wet!


You probably have been preparing mentally and physically for a long time to offer the best performance ever. But have you thought about your costume? Although the goal is to cross the lake as far as possible, also take this opportunity to show us your best costume, as hilarious as it is, and get your moment of glory! There is even a prize for the best costume!


If you are looking for ideas for your costume, we present you 5 themes that we hope can inspire you!


1. Beach

Put on your tropical clothes and be part of the event’s theme! If time is lacking, do not worry, this kind of costume is quite inexpensive in time and money.

2. Superheroes

Classic and easy to execute! Put on your super-outfits and show us your superpower: to cross a lake on skis or on a snowboard!

3. Food

Have you ever seen an eggplant on a snowboard doing pond skimming? We surely have last year! All condiments, vegetables, fruits and other type of food are welcome and are invited to show us their skills!

4. Means of transportation

Why not cross the lake by train, boat or even in a Tucker Sno-Cat? Dress to impress!


5. Let your imagination flow

If your goal is to win the costume contest, you will need to use your imagination to impress the crowd and judges. Be original and stand out! Of course, plan ahead and reserve a few hours to create your master piece!

A fun day high in emotions awaits you, no matter what your costume will be. Do not miss all the activities we have planned all day long. See the schedule of the day and the details for the pond skimming.


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