Mont SUTTON: an open-air museum with the Arts à la montagne

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You surely met them while skiing or hiking; our sculptures on the mountain have transformed Mont SUTTON into an open-air museum!


The artworks are onsite and restored on the Mont SUTTON slopes thanks to the organization ”Les Arts à la montagne”. The mission of this NPO is to make Sutton a destination where nature and culture enlace.


Since 1998, our decorative animals stand in different spots on the mountain. The most recent sculpture, installed in the summer of 2019, is Daniel Haché’s Rainette versicolore. You can find it in the Alleghanys trail (#1). The artist, who has been working with wood for decades, has decided to integrate, in addition to his favourite materials, aluminium, iron and even old ski pole baskets to create his work. The baskets placed on the amphibian’s back may remind warts, but the artist says it is more a link to its ability to be invisible in the nature.



It should be noted that the Rainette versicolore is not the first, but the fifth artwork by Daniel Haché that can be seen at the mountain. The artist indeed contributed to the creation of La vache (2016) on skis in honour of the Boulanger family, founders of Mont SUTTON (initiative launched by the Brome-Missisquoi CLD). Furthermore, Haché participated in the artwork Les porcs-épics; Cédrique et Sarah (2012), created in collaboration with the artist Nicole Côté and finally, Le grand pic (2003) and L’ourson (1998), both created with the artist Anik Kelly.


Also part of to Mont SUTTON’s artistic collection are: L’aigle créateur de neige (2019), designed by Carole Lebel, La chouette lapone (2017) by Marek Latzmann, made with 10 recycled tires, and finally, Les porcs-épics; Rock and Rick (2009) created by Denis Boulanger and Nicole Côté.


See our collection on our exclusive Arts à la montagne web section or visit the Facebook page of the organization.


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