Fête nationale in Sutton: Stretch the fun at Mont SUTTON

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In keeping with the 2024 theme of the Fête nationale du Québec (Quebec National Holiday), Retrouvons-nous à la belle étoile, meaning Let’s meet under the stars, stretch out the festivities of this long weekend by treating yourself to a starry night, by setting up your Van or RV in one of Mont SUTTON’s designated parking lots, or by pitching your tent at an altitude of 840 m for a rustic camping adventure at the summit!


While Mont SUTTON goes into summer mode this Saturday, June 22, offering a multitude of activities 7 days a week, the village of Sutton will be celebrating the national holiday of Quebecers on Monday, June 24. Starting at 1 p.m. this Sunday, join us on the site of the former Filtex factory for a day of family activities, culminating in a musical show right after the flag-raising and official speeches, and a fire and light show at 9:30 p.m.! See the complete program here.


It’s the perfect opportunity to plan a trip to the mountain at the same time! Mountain Biking, Giant Zipline, Zipline Coaster, Chairlift Ride, Disc Golf and Hiking await you! Celebrate, sleep and enjoy a dose of the great outdoors to recharge your batteries in nature and live the #PurelySUTTON experience.


And while you’re there, share your photos of the mountain and enter the #PurementSUTTON Summer Contest to win 4 tickets for a chairlift ride!



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