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On June 28th, as a marketing intern this summer, I had the chance with 4 of my friends to experience an unforgettable adventure at Mont SUTTON by trying both the giant zipline and the zipline coaster with the most advantageous combo!


The Giant Zipline: A Fast and Breathtaking Descent

Upon our arrival at the mountain, the Mont SUTTON staff warmly welcomed us at the customer service desk for registration and weighing! Since safety is a major concern, participants’ weights determine the required equipment. We also had access to the chairlift ride all day once we did the giant zipline. We were given our RFID cards for access! A $5 deposit is required for this card, which is refunded at the end of the experience.


We started our day with the giant zipline, the first to be done with the combo for logistical reasons. We headed to the chairlift to reach an altitude of 680m and access the chalet, where specially trained guides provided our equipment and instructed us on the necessary safety adjustments. As soon as we arrived, the excitement was palpable!


The giant zipline, 1,000 meters long, allows speeds of up to 100 km/h. After a second detailed safety briefing, we took our places on the launch platform after climbing a small tower. The view was breathtaking. We quickly understood what it means to be “the steepest zipline in Canada”! Once ready, we launched into the void. The sensation of flying over the mountains at such speed was incredible.


A second 400m zipline then took us back to an altitude of 400m, our starting point. A gentler return to gradually lower the adrenaline. Upon arrival, we all agreed that it was one of the most thrilling experiences of our lives.



The Zipline Coaster: Guaranteed Thrills


After catching our breath, we returned to customer service to change equipment! The two ziplines are very different (much more than we initially imagined), so we collected the gear for the second experience. A 20 to 30-minute hike took us to the zipline coaster, located in the forest. Unlike the giant zipline, this one features a series of tight turns and rapid descents. This zipline is unique, offering an experience similar to a roller coaster in the air, swirling around trees!Just like the first zipline, we received safety instructions to ensure we were well-prepared and comfortable. From the start, the zipline coaster offered us a completely different experience. The tight turns and sharp direction changes added an exciting dynamic to the descent. At every turn, we could feel the centrifugal force pushing us outward, making the experience even more intense. While much less vertiginous than the giant zipline, don’t think the zipline coaster lacks action! The course traverses denser sections of the forest, offering beautiful views of the undergrowth. Several times, we screamed with joy and surprise as we sped through the turns at high speed.



A Well-Deserved Break at the CUBE-IK Restaurant

After these two adrenaline-filled descents, we took a well-deserved break at the CUBE-IK restaurant, located at the base of the mountain. This restaurant offers a variety of delicious dishes, perfect for recharging after a morning of adventure.



A Fun-Filled End to the Day with Disc Golf


To conclude our day in style, we decided to try disc golf. This sport, a fun variation of traditional golf, involves throwing a frisbee into baskets scattered across an 18-hole course. The disc golf course at Mont SUTTON is well-designed, offering both technical challenges and maximum enjoyment. We laughed, competed, and enjoyed the beautiful weather while honing our frisbee-throwing skills.


If you are looking for a destination that combines adventure, nature, and fun, Mont SUTTON is the perfect place. Whether you are a fan of ziplines or outdoor sports, you will find something to satisfy your desires. Come and discover all that this magnificent mountain has to offer!


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