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Have you tried alpine touring with our specialized equipment available for rent and got hooked? You would now like to get equipped? It’s a good idea since the Boutique Expérience SUTTON currently offers advantageous discounts on alpine touring equipment.


Not sure where to start? No problem! We visited our experts at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON and got useful information for you about the essential equipment for the practice of this sport.



Alpine touring more popular than ever


First, why is alpine touring so popular now? Probably because fans of alpine touring enjoy their descents to the maximum since they work hard during the climb! Indeed, the ascension of the mountain is not done with the help of the chairlifts, but on skis on which synthetic skins are installed in order to climb the mountain. In addition to being a good way to stay fit, the hike also allows you to spend privileged moments in nature… The beauty of the alpine touring trails of Mont SUTTON is undeniable! The descent must be done on the official slopes and glades of the ski area.


For this climb, you will have understood that specialized equipment is required. However, do not think that this sport is only for skiers, it is also possible for snowboarders to practice it.



Specific equipment for snowboarders


Snowboarders won’t be able to use their everyday snowboard, because to make the climb, snowshoes not being allowed in the climbing trails, it is necessary to equip yourself with a splitboard. During the ascent this board is able to split in two to act as skis. It is necessary to install skins (synthetic of course!) under the “skis” which will allow you to avoid sliding backwards during the climb. Once the at the top, simply remove the skins and reattach the two “skis” together to form the board and enjoy a well-deserved descent. On this splitboard, you will need to install specialized alpine touring bindings allowing you to position the bindings for the climb and the descent and facilitate the upward movement (heel up). As for the boots, soft snowboard boots are ideal for this sport. The last piece of essential equipment for snowboarders are poles to facilitate the climb by providing support and necessarily telescopic since these, being retractable, can be stowed inside the backpack or attached to it during the descent.



Specific equipment for skiers


For skiers now, alpine touring does not necessarily require a pair of skis specially made for touring. However, some skis are more recommended for the practice of this sport. Indeed, it is greatly to your advantage to opt for a pair of light skis to facilitate the climb. Cross-country (powder) skis, for example, although not designed specifically for touring, are still a good option for the practice of this sport. Of course, if you are looking for a ski especially designed for alpine touring, there are many of them available at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON. As for bindings, since during the ascent it is necessary for the skier to have the heels detached to facilitate the «walking» movement, it is also essential to get specialized bindings. In the shop, two types of bindings are available. Firstly, frame bindings, these bindings are compatible with almost all ski boots. The second option are pin bindings which are only compatible with touring ski boots made specifically for this type of bindings. To make the right choice for your situation, visit the Boutique Expérience SUTTON where our team of experts can help you find what YOU need. Let’s talk more about boots: the vast majority of people will want to limit themselves to a pair of boots and as they will not want to compromise their pleasure while going downhill, they will opt for a pair of regular or alpine ski boots. It is however recommended to opt for soft boots to focus on comfort and practicality when climbing. Alpine boots, even the softest, still remain stiffer than specially designed touring boots, which is preferable for downhill skiing. You could quite possibly use your regular ski boots with appropriate frame bindings. If you have chosen pin bindings, then touring ski boots will be necessary. In either case, the “walk” mode on the boot will allow greater flexibility of the boot and the option is a must. This flexibility makes the “walking” movement, during the ascent, more natural and pleasant. Finally, although normal ski poles may be suitable for climbing, our experts advise you to opt for telescopic ski poles allowing an adaptability to the changes in elevation and terrain that you may encounter during your climb.



Other essentials: clothing, backpacks…


Now that we’ve covered the equipment specific to snowboarders and skiers, what about the general equipment you’ll need for alpine touring?


In terms of clothing, it is advisable to dress in several layers. These layers will allow you to properly control your body temperature throughout the climb depending on the difficulty of the climb and then for the descent. As a last layer, we strongly recommend that you have a good windbreaker.


Finally, the last essential accessory for alpine touring is a backpack to be able to easily carry your equipment: helmet (during the climb), skins (during the descent), clothing, food, water, etc.


All the essentials mentioned in this article are available at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON, drop by to learn more and take advantage of great tips!




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