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The season is now over since last Friday and it is with a head full of wonderful memories that we put away our equipment for the next season. From the snowy slopes to the winter landscapes, we can remember the laughter and the good times spent with family and friends at the mountain.


Many of these memories were captured by the lens of our outstanding photographers throughout the season and we would like to present them to you:



Jocelyne Trudeau


She is our ‘’Miss Météo’’ for many years now. She is the first to arrive at the mountain in the morning to evaluate the snow conditions and to communicate them to everyone. Of course, she is a great fan of skiing and takes advantage of her outings to take many pictures, every day. You will certainly be able to meet her during your next visit at Mont SUTTON!


Here are some pictures that could make you nostalgic taken by Jocelyne Trudeau:



Picture by Jocelyne Trudeau on February 15th, 2022



Picture by Jocelyne Trudeau on March 3rd, 2022



Picture by Jocelyne Trudeau on March 29th, 2022



Picture by Jocelyne Trudeau on January 15th, 2022



You might like to learn more about our ski condition reporter: Through the eyes of ‘’Miss Météo’’




Bernard Brault


Photographer specialized in sports, Bernard Brault came to ski several times at Mont SUTTON this season while capturing beautiful landscapes and portraits. He has won many awards and mentions for his excellent work throughout his career.


Here are some pictures taken this season by Bernard Brault and that will make you look forward to the next season!




Picture by Bernard Brault on January 19th, 2022



Picture by Bernard Brault on February 4th, 2022



Picture by Bernard Brault on February 9th, 2022



Photo by Bernard Brault on April 15th, 2022




Discover all the pictures taken by Jocelyne Trudeau and Bernard Brault at Mont SUTTON, by consulting the album Winter season 2021-2022 on Flickr.


Thanks to all those who sent us their photos throughout the season and a special thanks to Salah Chtioui who offered us many aerial photos of the mountain.


Thanks to all!


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