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There is something new at the Mont SUTTON rental center!  In order to fully enjoy the sensations of skiing, and this, on the entire ski area of the mountain, we now offer you the SKI PERFORMANCE experience!  Selected by our experts at the Boutique Experience SUTTON, this rental equipment offering from the Atomic brand, will allow you to experience a day worthy of the pros.  All this for only $49 + TX for a full day!  Here is a short description and the specificities of each model in order to facilitate your choice, depending on what you are looking for.
Atomic Redster S7
The Atomic Redster S7 is a slalom ski for nailing fast, precise turns on piste. This ski short turn will empower your runs to control every turn. It’s a top Atomic piste performer with a slalom radius for shorter, tighter turns.
Atomic Redster G7
The Atomic Redster G7 is a super smooth, precise and responsive ski for fast long turns on piste. The Redster G7 is a powerful ski for big GS-style turns, whether they’re against the clock or with your friends.
Atomic Vantage 90 TI
A Master of versatility, Atomic Vantage 90 TI grips like a high-performance on-piste ski, but with enough width to float in fresh snow. Slightly more tuned for on-area skiing and harder snow conditions the compliant waist width offers all-mountain capability without compromising performance on the groomers.
This is an offering that will certainly allow you to find the “boards” that fit your style!
Reserve on line

We have a selection of each model forementioned that is limited and available based on the size of the individual. To start your PERFORMANCE SKI equipment rental right away, visit our online store.
In this pandemic season, we remind you that before booking your equipment rental, please check the availability of the ticket giving access to the ski area on the online store on the date of your planned visit. Tickets are available in limited quantities for the 2020-2021 season and equipment rental does not include access to the ski area.
You want more…

You enjoyed your experience and you are convinced that the ski you tried is the right one for you?   Come and see our experts at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON, located above the rental center.  We have at the boutique; many comparable options to meet your needs following your SKI PERFORMANCE rental experience!  Moreover, several 2019-2020 models are currently on sale, while supplies last. Hurry up!
Welcome to the ultimate snow sports experience with Mont SUTTON’s PERFORMANCE SKI rental package!



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