Major turning-point at the mountain!

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The years of dedication to the mountain by Luc Boulanger, a true pillar of Mont SUTTON, can no longer be counted. Emblematic figure in the Quebec ski industry, it is with great emotion and excitement that he passes the torch of operations management to Nicolas Léger-Loiselle, a mechanical engineering graduate with extensive experience and great knowledge of the mountain. The successful handover of responsibilities will pass through collaboration over several years, Luc Boulanger remaining on board to support the new operations manager with his precious expertise.


Mont SUTTON, a family story

Luc Boulanger, well known to all, comes with Mont SUTTON as one. The ski resort was developed in the 1960s by his father, Réal Boulanger, with the idea of creating a unique ski mountain in Quebec, in an enchanting setting in the heart of the famous Eastern Townships glades. In other words, he grew up on the mountain, even before he started skiing!


He quickly felt invested with the mission of his father, who also co-founded the Quebec Ski Area Association (ASSQ), and remained active in the mountain’s development at every stage of its growth, easily taking the reins. Réal Boulanger firmly believed that skiing was a sport enjoyable in all conditions, safe and accessible to all. He wanted to bring together all the factors that maximize the inexplicable pleasure of gliding on snow through the trees on skis to develop his mountain, but even more a mountain where everyone would feel at home. He imagined every detail with this in mind, and from then on, Luc was involved in every stage of the mountain’s terrain development.


In fact, Luc Boulanger is one of the few people in the ski industry to have graduated from a college specializing in this field! His reputation is such that he was often consulted by other ski mountains as a technical advisor for slopes maintenance and the design of new ones. His expertise and influence that Mont SUTTON prides itself with did not diminish when it was bought out in March 2016 by Jean-Michel Ryan, who had been general manager since 2006, Pierre Chesnay and Sylvain Gervais. As the Boulanger family had given birth to Mont SUTTON, the new owners were keen to preserve the mountain’s DNA, fiercely protecting its authentic cachet and original values. A mandate facilitated by Luc Boulanger, who has always worked closely with management.


A highly promising sequel

Luc Boulanger’s contribution to the reflexion and implementation of a master plan to make the ski resort a four-season tourist destination in the Quebec was necessary to initiate the four-season turnaround. Mont SUTTON’s summer offering has already been cemented by the creation of a mountain biking network, a disc golf course and, above all, two ziplines – one of the two being completely unique in North America. These activities promise many positive spinoffs for the local and regional economy.


The change in the operations management marks a major turning point for the mountain, which continues to expand. Nicolas Léger-Loiselle’s arrival in this position consolidate the path of current projects and ensure their sustainability.


Having joined Mont SUTTON as Industrial Maintenance Manager, supporting the maintenance of the chairlifts, rolling equipment, snowmaking system and buildings, he became well acquainted with various technical aspects. With his passion for the mountains and skiing, he was already in familiar territory, having worked as an instructor and ski school supervisor during his mechanical engineering studies. His freshness and experience will be a great addition to the deployment of these new avenues as the Director of Operations.


As announced by Jean-Michel Ryan, President and CEO, “Nicolas Léger-Loiselle is taking over from our very dear Luc Boulanger, who has devoted his life to the mountain and to operations. He will continue to accompany us in the success of Mont SUTTON to ensure a smooth transition of knowledge. We must sincerely thank Luc for his contribution and dedication! We are convinced that this new generation will be a guarantee of success and will undeniably contribute to the growth of Mont SUTTON.


That said, skiing remains the essence of the mountain and several projects are already in the new Operations Manager’s yard to reach their full potential, naturally well supported by Luc Boulanger for a few more years, as Mont SUTTON is certainly not ready to say goodbye to him so quickly!


One of the first projects piloted by the new Operations Manager is the coordination of the construction and installation of a new boarding carpet on chairlift IV for the coming winter season. A project letting see a promising future, with the two men’s already palpable complicity!






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