IF3 Videoquest SUTTON 2019 Winners

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On Sunday April 7, the iF3 Videoquest finalist movies were presented at Bar Le Tucker. We had the chance to watch excellent movies! Thanks to all participants!


The top 3 winners, selected by a panel of iF3 judges, and the SUTTON “Coup de coeur” winner earned prizes offered by iF3 Festival, Mont SUTTON and K2 snowboarding! The big winner, in addition to winning $1000 cash, will present his movie at the next edition of the iF3 Festival.


The contest allowed us to discover new talents, skiers, snowboarders, snowscoot enthousiasts and filmmakers. We truly are lucky to have such wonderful talents in the ski industry to ensure continuity!


See photos of the prize giving ceremony and the winning videos below:




1st position – SKIER MAINTENANT by Simon Garneau



2nd position – HOT STUFF by Ulysse Burelle (French Fragrance)



3rd position – PUREMENT SUTTON by Yoan Villalba



SUTTON’s “Coup de coeur” Award- FUNNY SNOWSCOOT RIDE by Isabelle Plante


Thanks to all!




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