IF3 VIDEOQUEST Contest – 3, 2, 1… Start filming!

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For the 3rd year in a row, Mont SUTTON is supporting winter sports video production on a local level by partnering with the IF3 VIDEOQUEST contest.


Participants who put together a video of their best shots filmed at Mont SUTTON this winter and tell a compelling story have a chance to win one of 3 grand prizes.


1st position :

$1,000 cash, on top of ski tickets, IF3 passes and other surprises! Winning video presented at the 2020 iF3 Festival!


2nd position :

1 pair of 2020 K2 MINDBENDER skis orK2 COOLBEAN snowboard, on top of ski tickets, IF3 passes and other surprises!


3rd position :

#PurementSUTTON surprises, ski tickets and IF3 passes!



Make the most of your time on the slopes during this holiday season to start filming some shots! Make sure to highlight Mont SUTTON’s unique characteristics in your video to impress the judges!


For more details about the prizes, contest rules and deadline, visit the IF3 VIDEOQUEST contest page.


To inspire you, check out the winning videos of the past 2 years below… Grab some popcorn and watch these short movies with your family!





1st position – SKIER MAINTENANT by Simon Garneau



2nd position – HOT STUFF by Ulysse Burelle (French Fragrance)



3rd position – PUREMENT SUTTON by Yoan Villalba



SUTTON’s “Coup de coeur” Award – FUNNY SNOWSCOOT RIDE by Isabelle Plante





1st position – PHIL GAUCHER X RODAR by Anthony Rodier


2nd position – SUR LA FRONTÈRE by Benjamin Gagné



3rd position – SUTTON ADDICT by Emile Fortier



It’s now your turn to unleash you creativity!


And don’t forget to also participate to our #PurementSUTTON photo contest each week!





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