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November has arrived, wich means that the holiday season is close! If you are of the ”planning ahead” type, you will want to shop for Christmas gifts in advance, and Mont SUTTON can help you treat your loved ones during the most wonderful time of the year!


In order to inspire you for gift ideas, we have prepared a list of perfect items for your sister, your father, your uncle, your wife… anyone who, like you, loves our beautiful mountain!



To stay warm

(all available at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON)

  • Soft blankets Mont SUTTON
  • Socks and other heating items
  • Hoodies, gloves, hats and other items of clothing with the SUTTON symbol.




To ski together

  • SUTTON Familiflex card ; a transferable multigenerational card that can be exchanged between family members.
  • SUTTON 5 card, to allow your other half to ski during 5 days (of their choice) during the  2019-2020 season. Until December 16, get a great discount on the card’s regular price! 



To improve your techniques



To dress properly 

  • Sporty socks Darn Though and other brands, available for men and women at our Boutique.
  • SAXX underwear for men, perfectly comfortable to move! Get them at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON.


To collect our #PurelySUTTON items

  • Mont SUTTON’s coffee and tea mugs
  • SUTTON teddy bear
  • Water bottles
  • And much more!



To give the freedom of choice to any Mont SUTTON’s fan

  • SUTTON gift card,  which allows you to make purchases at any time at the ticket office, at the Snow School, at the Boutique, at the Rental Center, at the repair shop, at the 4 Mont SUTTON’s restaurants and at the Tucker Bar.




To keep yourself inspired with ideas for Christmas gifts, come visit us at the BOUTIQUE EXPÉRIENCE SUTTON, at the TICKET OFFICE or at the SNOW SCHOOL, or you can shop online, from the comfort of your home, at our ONLINE SHOP.


Happy shopping!





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