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Mont SUTTON is looking for employees for the upcoming season! With a snow season that promises to be filled with activities, a multitude of positions are available and there is something for everyone! Have fun finding your dream job with our quiz! If you don’t miss an episode of “Les Chefs” and if your culinary talents have the potential to rival those of Ricardo, become a cook or an assistant cook! If you embrace the cold like a polar bear and consider snow to be the eighth wonder of the world, then a job as a lift operator or snow maker is for you.


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With a wide variety of jobs available at Mont SUTTON, the choice is not always obvious. To guide people wishing to work at the mountain in this decision, Mont SUTTON has concocted a quiz presenting the different job opportunities. This flowchart quiz aims to help you discover the variety of jobs offered at Mont SUTTON in a fun way. All you must do is answer a few yes or no questions and your path will stop on a job option that suits you according to yours desires and skills.


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See the details of all available positions here!


If the candidate is still unsure about his choice, it is also possible to fill out the spontaneous application form available on the Mont SUTTON website


Working at Mont SUTTON has many advantages! In addition to being part of a team that has at heart to offer a warm and authentic service to its clientele, what could be better than enjoying the mountain and the snow it has to offer! Mont SUTTON in winter, it’s a unique playground of 60 ski trails, 230 acres of pure joy and a microclimate that allows for generous snowfall!




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