A practical gift for the school break

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It’s school break time and we have an opportunity for the whole family! The ideal gift, the practical SUTTON gift card!
Available on line
Available for a minimum of $25, you can purchase it at the mountain’s customer service or on our online boutique. It allows you to make quick purchases at any time, at the Snow School, at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON, at the rental center, at the repair shop, at the outdoor restaurants as well as at the Mont SUTTON’s online ticket store. No need to print anything, everything is accessible in bar code format on your smartphone.
A format for everyone
If you are not equipped with a smartphone, which is often the case with the younger crowd, no worries, it is available as a physical gift card at customer service. You will also be able to reload the physical version of the card at the same location. They are available in several distinctive visuals, representing emblematic aspects of Mont SUTTON. Each person can choose his own in order to clearly distinguish their card. To encourage reasonable use, you can limit the daily expenses on the card. If by a stroke of bad luck you happen to lose your card, don’t worry, we can easily cancel and replace it. It is as practical for children as it is for adults, no need to carry your wallet or pocket money around with you!
All in one place, it’s in your pocket!




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