10 Steps to be Ready for Ski Season

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The change of season means new landscapes, but also the arrival of winter sports. As the ski season approaches, there are several things you need to do before the first snowfall to make the most of it!




1. To take advantage of winter, you have to plan ahead because we all know that winter can knock on the door overnight! Prepare yourself by choosing a season pass that suits your needs from our 11 types of season passes. Whether you’re a new parent and need a little break from time to time, or new to the sport, like to ski solo or with the family, there’s for sure a pass to suit you. For certain types of passes and for single-use tickets, it is possible to reload your ticket or season passes online to go directly to the chairlifts the day of your visit.




2. If you plan to come only a few times during the season, the SUTTON Card available on our online store, is a solution to consider. This will allow you to come and ski 2, 3, 4 or 5 non-consecutive days during the season at the time that suits you best. Once you have your RFID card in hand, keep it preciously, because it will allow you to go directly to the chairlift during your next visits, since the tickets you bought will already be reloaded on your card.




3. Find ALL your warm and breathable winter clothes and try on your boots. As we know, this step is probably the hardest! It’s not uncommon to forget where you last stored your mittens or your favorite pair of socks… Having the right clothes will keep you warm and dry, which increases your fun. If you are missing an item, come to the Boutique Expérience SUTTON and our passionate consultants will help you!




4. Once you have chosen your season passes or your tickets for the upcoming season and that everything is in place for a perfect season, it is now time to get down to business… This fourth point is unfortunately too often put aside and is one of the most important, if not THE most important one, that is to say to check your protective equipment! Did you know that the helmet expiry date is 5 years? That’s right! Your helmet has an expiration date and this should not be taken lightly since it protects your head! Even if your helmet has not expired, other elements can alter its protection such as following a major fall, if your helmet has pocs or if it has been dropped many times on the ground, it must be replaced. Find out more info about it on the Association of Quebec Ski Resorts website (ASSQ),


Also, it is important to have your goggles properly adjusted to your helmet for optimal protection and comfort. When you buy a new helmet, don’t hesitate to bring your goggles to the store and our team will be able to guide you for your new purchase.




5. We’re not telling you anything new when we say that skiing and snowboarding are snow sports! But what about your sliding surface with snow? Depending on the number of outings, you plan to make, it is important to tune your equipment regularly. This will allow you to make less effort during your runs and you will be less likely to “get stuck” on flat slope! Not only will your physical efforts be rewarded, but your ski or board base will stay hydrated which will allow you to keep your equipment in good condition, longer. In addition, the edges around your skis or snowboard should be sharpened at least once a season to better cut through the snow when turning and to stop quickly if necessary. To do this, entrust the maintenance of your equipment to our specialists at the repair shop. Also, you can take advantage of a multi-visit booklet to ensure that your equipment is always at its best while saving money. In addition, if you have a 7 or 5-day pass, you can benefit from discounts at the workshop and elsewhere on the mountain.




6. It is true that buying equipment can represent a significant amount of money, especially when the children grow up quickly or when we are new to the sport. That’s why seasonal rental is a practical and economical solution for skiing. In addition, if the size of the equipment no longer fits during the season, we can exchange it for the appropriate size at no cost. Also, a basic tune-up is offered free of charge for all seasonal rentals.




7. By reserving a seasonal locker at the mountain, you save energy carying equipment around and you can be sure to have everything in one place in order to never forget anything. No more lugging equipment from home to the mountain. Plus, with our new lockers with built-in dryers, you can be sure that your boots will be dry on your next visit.




8. To make sure you get the most out of your days on the mountain and to improve certain techniques, it is much easier to learn from our friendly snow school instructors and there are lessons for all ages and skill levels! In addition, a lesson will also allow you to enjoy and appreciate the sport to the fullest or perfecting advanced techniques.

New this year, you can now register your children for the Christmas or Spring camp directly on the online store. For private lessons and all-inclusive package lessons, make sure to not miss the begining of the reservation by adding an alert to your calendar on December 1st. Finally, be sure to check out the many weekend programs early in the season as spots are going fast!




9. Be ready to hit the slopes on the first day by training your most used muscles on skis or snowboard. This will help you enjoy your first day back on the slopes while reducing the risk of injury. Hiking to the top of the mountain or taking part into the training sessions dedicated to the pre-ski season with the Coop gymsanté training center in Sutton would be an effective way to prepare yourself physically for the season.




10. Finally, never miss anything about events at the mountain, snow alerts, promotions and much more… sign up to the newsletter!






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