10 good reasons to spend your winter at Mont SUTTON

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1. For a passionate boss


Our managers are good-hearted people, convinced that Mont SUTTON is the most beautiful mountain, and who do everything possible to offer a quality service! They are dynamic, devoted and definitely human!


2. For family spirit


Do you know a Mont SUTTON employee? He will certainly be able to confirm you the family spirit and mutual aid that we find in the workplace. Indeed, “Mont SUTTON is like a second family”!


3. For the spirit of solidarity


Yes, sometimes it can be a frenzy! Don’t worry, there is always a colleague who will come to the rescue. For example, during snowstorms, the different departments help each other so that skiers and snowboarders can enjoy the powder!


4. For an exceptional work environment


You will be surrounded by a magnificent landscape that changes according to the weather and what about the abundance of powder and the beauty of the glades? The splendour of Mont SUTTON is undeniable!


5. For the flexibility of the schedule


Whether it is to balance work with family, retirement or studies, schedules can be adapted to your availability. Full time or part time, on weekends or weekdays, there is a place for you!


6. To end the winter blues


The best way to enjoy winter is to go outside to play or to be with those who enjoy winter sports. Good mood and excitement reign on the Mont SUTTON site, especially on powder days. Happiness is contagious!


7. For a variety of available positions


Are you more of a customer facing or backstage type of person? Do you prefer working indoors or outdoors? Are you more manual or intellectual? There’s definitely a role that’s right for you!


8. For development opportunities


With the many challenges to be met on a daily basis, there is a multitude of opportunities to learn and grow within the mountain. Who knows? You may find your new passion with us!


9. For diversity


Young or old, French or English speaking, novice or experienced, the profiles of our employees are very varied! For example, thanks to our francization program in the workplace, several participants have had the opportunity to join our teams.


10. For future projects


Mont SUTTON is thinking big and overflowing with projects for the coming years. To live the effervescence of the development of a year-round activity offer, this is your opportunity!

Do you want to experience a winter at Mont SUTTON? Apply now at montsutton.com/jobs!



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