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The recent installation of 10 charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) at Mont SUTTON has made many skiers pleased. Indeed, since fall 2017, your electric car can be charged for free at the mountain! This initiative has been a great success, as several users have already benefited from this service as they hit the slopes! Here are several quotes from our customers, more than enthusiasts to be able to charge their batteries at Mont SUTTON:


“Thank you for the charging stations for electric vehicles: another good reason to ski at Mont SUTTON! Having a chargeable hybrid, I can now do the way home in electric mode: great! Burn less gas, less greenhouse gas, less worming for the planet: that’s good news for ski!”

  • André


“Thank you Mont SUTTON, we will come with our electric car to ski at yours!”

  • Ghislain Lejeune


“Well done on the charging stations, a significant gesture for society and for our beautiful planet! Thank you Mont SUTTON for this wonderful initiative!”

  • Carolyne Guay


“That’s the SUTTON spirit! Thank you!”

  • Lucie Tousignant


“10 charging stations!!! Wow! Well done Sutton! That’s a good reason to visit!”

  • André Bastien


As sustainable development is an important aspect, SUTTON is now equipped to welcome skiers who’d like to drive to the mountain by electric car. Its 10 parking spaces near the chalet alt. 400 m that have been reserved for charging purposes. A good way to say thank you to those who switch to electric for the environment! And if you have an evening planned in town, other charging stations are available in Sutton!


You can watch the Roulez Electrique interview with Mont SUTTON’s owner, Jean-Michel Ryan, about the recent installation of the charging stations.

Ariane Gauthier
Ariane Gauthier,



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