Several million dollars for the improvement of the snowmaking system at Mont SUTTON

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Sutton, July 15, 2021 – Although the summer season is in full swing at Mont SUTTON, skiing is never totally put away on a shelf. Last March, Mont SUTTON announced a second important phase of investments intended to diversify and develop activities over four seasons as well as to consolidate and improve the ski product. As of July, work has begun on the mountain, to improve and update the snowmaking system of the ski area.
Close to $10 M in investments by the end of the phase
During this second phase, the work relating to the snowmaking system and slope maintenance represents a significant amount of the total budget. For this new phase, it is nearly $1.2 M, which means that $5 M has been invested specifically for improving ski conditions, since the acquisition of the resort by the new owners in 2016, bringing the total to $10 M for the overall experience at the end of this phase. Between now and the end of the summer, major work to increase the performance and efficiency of the snowmaking system will be completed.
Important undertaking
The following are the highlights of the work to come and that will be of benefit come winter:


  • Completion and start-up of the new lake pumping station;
  • Updating controls of two other pump rooms;
  • Changing the management software to improve the energy efficiency of the system;
  • Replacement of three valve chambers on the mountain;
  • Replacement of 1.2 km of water and air lines on the Sutton-Ik main line;
  • Purchase and installation of 14 new snow lances to improve snowmaking in key areas.

These new features will have a direct impact on snow production capacities, on the quality of the snow and therefore on the skiing conditions as of next season. All this in addition to the investments made in recent years to improve the ski product, including the acquisition of trail maintenance equipment such as a new Prinoth snow groomer and a groomer with winch tower from the same manufacturer.
The work is expected to take place over a period of one month, between mid-July and mid-August. Although the work will result in brief closures of some sections of the mountain bike network, no major disruptions to any summer activities are expected.
A prominent four season destination
At the same time, the new giant zipline has been inaugurated. The development of the four-season offer is without a doubt an important component of this second phase of investments. With mountain biking, camping at the summit, chairlift rides and recently a giant zipline, Mont SUTTON is now positioned as an important and prominent four season’s outdoor destination in the Eastern Townships, in Quebec and in Eastern North America.
Mont SUTTON is a major ski resort located in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, known across North America for its unique glade concept for every type of skier and its many junctions creating endless possibilities for every run. Mont SUTTON also sets itself apart with its authentic ambiance, awe-inspiring nature and its exceptional snow conditions, its distinctive mountain bike trails, its rustic camping at the summit, its outdoor sculptures and the longest zipline in the Eastern Townships!