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SUTTON MAY 17th, 2022 – Mont SUTTON, now in operation with several summer activities, launches a new recruitment campaign. It is based on a flow chart, a kind of quiz that could be found in a youth magazine. This campaign aims to attract future employees to the company for the summer season.


The objective of the flow chart is to make the job search entertaining for the candidates. By answering several yes and no questions, the candidate will be directed to a position that matches their interests and skills.


This campaign has a light-hearted and humorous touch. It includes questions such as: “You’re the Gordon Ramsey of your generation?” and “Your tan needs a little boost?”. This concept will allow candidates to imagine themselves in their future work environment. With the flow chart, Mont SUTTON wishes to show that there are positions for all tastes within the team and that fun is a priority at the mountain.

There are currently more than 25 positions, either seasonal or permanent, to fill in the company. “With workers becoming increasingly difficult to find, the mountain is looking for original ways to recruit personnel” says CEO Jean-Michel Ryan. The positions available are numerous and varied. Positions for outdoor maintenance workers, patrollers, cooks, coordinators, lift mechanics and many others are open.



The flow chart will appear on social networks and the Mont SUTTON’s website.



To see all jobs : montsutton.com/jobs



Mont SUTTON is a major ski resort located in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, known across North America for its unique glade concept for every type of skier and its many junctions creating endless possibilities for every run. Mont SUTTON also sets itself apart with its authentic ambiance, awe-inspiring nature and its exceptional snow conditions, its distinctive mountain bike trails, its rustic camping at the summit, its outdoor sculptures and the longest zipline in the Eastern Townships!

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