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With the snow received in the last 2 weeks and according to the current forecasts, Mont SUTTON’s management team is pleased to announce a targeted opening on November 30th. At the dawn of this new season, investments and new products are also announced.


A significant amount of money is being invested to improve the snowmaking system and grooming on the slopes. We are talking about a total of 1.3 million for this new season, bringing it to 3.5 million since 2016. Investments include the acquisition of a new Prinoth snow groomer; a new addition to last year’s winch tower groomer.


Several improvements have also been made to the living spaces. Mont SUTTON, which is already appreciated for its authentic après-ski, has invested in the design of “Le Petit Tucker” coffee counter and an outdoor food kiosk at the foot of the slopes for the Fall Festival and spring skiing.


Recognized for the important presence of artists in its community, Mont SUTTON has recently acquired a new sculpture representing a “versicolour tree frog”. It then brings to six the number of sculptures along the slopes, not to mention the sculpture of the cow on skis, which was offered by Brome-Missisquoi CLD as a tribute to the Boulanger founder family of Mont SUTTON, for their legacy to the community. This “Open-air museum” adds to the pleasure of skiing.


Since a ski mountain requires a lot of other considerations, many other efforts and investments have been made: the redevelopment of a trail for training and competitions in collaboration with the Sutton Ski Club, the implementation of a francization program to improve customer service and the annualization of certain positions, as well as the extension of the mountain biking network with the addition of 3 new trails, in collaboration with Plein Air Sutton/MTB and the development of Mont SUTTON’s
4-season offer.


Since the acquisition of Mont SUTTON in 2016, the new owners have been working on a strategic development plan for the mountain in the next 10 years. The marketing plan, for its part, will aim to attract customers both from Quebec and Ontario and outside the country.


With so much in the pipeline, Mont SUTTON sure is a resort to keep in mind for the opening of the 2019-2020 ski season and beyond!