Tips and tricks for beginners

For your first experience, this is where you will find a wide range of useful information in order to make your introduction to the slopes unique and memorable!




To spend a great day outdoors, here are a few tips to guide you in your choice of clothing!


What to wear :

  • Comfortable under layers for upper and lower body. Avoid wearing jeans or thick pants that will constrict your movements. The word to keep in mind: comfort!


  • Ideally, one pair of socks only – polyester or any other kind of socks designed for outdoor winter activities. For even more comfort, choose high socks – knee high socks are recommended. Please avoid cotton socks, which retain humidity.


  • Outdoor pants and jacket, according to the weather of the day. Don’t forget that it’s often colder in mountain area than in town! Take a look at the snow conditions page to know what the weather at Mont SUTTON is on the day of your visit.


  • Waterproof gloves or mittens – mittens are often warmer than gloves, your fingers will be closer together, so they warm-up together. Please avoid wool or cotton.


  • A neck warmer or a balaclava to protect your face from cold temperatures. Please avoid wearing a long scarf that will catch in the wind.


  • If you opt to wear a helmet, as recommended, to be more comfortable you can wear a thin tuque or a balaclava under your helmet.


  • A good sunscreen, even on cloudy days! In addition to protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays, sunscreen moisturises your skin, protecting it against frostbites on cold days. And… one more thing: have a lip balm on hand!


Extra tips :

  • On days colder than -20 °C, stay warm with hot packs for your hands and feet! These single use hot packs are available at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON at the base of the mountain


  • We highly recommend wearing a helmet, which is warm and comfortable, and protects your head. It’s possible to rent a helmet at the rental shop. If you don’t have a helmet for skiing or snowboarding, you can also use a hockey helmet for your first time on the slopes. Please note that a cycling helmet is not appropriate for any winter sports.


  • We highly recommend wearing ski goggles, even on sunny days. They allow better visibility at all times, whether it’s windy or snowy!


If you forget something, these items can be found at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON.




We recommend the All-inclusive packages at the SUTTON Snow School, which on top of allowing you to get started on the slopes properly, save you a lot of money. The all-inclusive packages include the equipment rental (helmet included), the lesson and the ticket.



More ways to get equipped at Mont SUTTON:

  • Rent equipment at the rental center, located beside the main chalet Alt. 400 m


  • If you want to buy new or second hand equipment, Boutique Expérience SUTTON can help you find what you’re looking for.




Boarding a chairlift for the very first time can seem like a real challenge! But it’s not! When you know how to do it, it’s a piece of cake!


During your lesson with the All-inclusive packages, you will have access to the magic carpet in the Family Zone.


During your initiation lesson, your instructor will give you some tips to safely board a chairlift! You’ll see; getting on and off a chairlift will seem easy in no time!


If you’re accompanying a child, don’t hesitate to tell the chairlift crew. And, when it’s time to get off the chairlift, tell your child to extend his arm to the chairlift attendant, who will help them get off.




Set yourself up for success by learning the right techniques for your new winter sport with an All-inclusive package!


The package includes : the lesson, the equipment rental and the ticket..


For more information or to reserve your All-inclusive package, contact the SUTTON Snow School at 1 866 538-2545, option 2 or by email at


  • Where to go when I get to Mont SUTTON on the day of my lesson?


  • Get to the mountain approximately 60 minutes before your lesson.


  • When you get to Mont SUTTON, take advantage of the safe drop off zone in the parking lot P2B, which is located beside the main chalet Alt.400m. You can park your car in the drop off zone for a maximum of 5 minutes. Then, you can use the appropriate parking lot for the whole day. Don’t hesitate to ask a parking attendant for directions or any other information.


  • 1st stop : The rental center, beside the main chalet Alt. 400 m, to receive your equipment for your lesson.


  • 2nd stop : If you would like to leave your personal belongings in a locker ($2, payable at the locker), you can go to the lunch room, which is located in front of the rental shop.


  • 3rd stop : It’ time for your lesson! Meet your instructor at the lesson’s meeting point (flag at the exit of the rental center).


And let’s go! You will learn all the basics of your new winter sport!


  • What can I do once the lesson over?


  • After a physical activity, take time to rehydrate yourself!


  • If you feel tired, it’s important to take a break, a rest. Listen to your needs!


  • Keep practicing what you’ve learned on the trails, it will help you grasp the techniques and become more confident. For now, you can practice your skills in the Family Zone and on the green trails. Your instructor will give you some recommendations about which trails you should take, according to your skills.






Who says Mont SUTTON is a mountain for expert skiers and snowboarders only? At Mont SUTTON, there are trails foy skill level. The mountain’s contours create a natural division between more advanced trails on one side and easier trails on the other side. This gives you a better feeling of security, in the zone for beginners, and, allows you to have more fun on the trails!


Take a few minutes to look at the trail map and the symbols of the trails. The color and shape of the symbol indicates a different difficulty level; green for easy, blue for difficult, black for very difficult to extreme. You will find the trail symbols at the base of every chairlift, on the trail panel.


Glades even for beginners!
Mont SUTTON is well-known for its unique and fine glades… and there are glade trails for every type of skier and snowboarder at Mont SUTTON! Among other things, the way the trees are dispersed on the trails is a factor that determines a glade’s difficulty level.




Take a look at the Mountain Code of Conduct to learn the correct practices to observe on the trails of every Quebec ski resort, ensuring everyone’s safety.




Here are a few useful tips!


  • First Visit at Mont SUTTON: For a wide range of information in order to make your first visit at Mont SUTTON successful! Find out more about the ambassador guides, the facilities for families, all-inclusive packages with the SUTTON Snow School, suggestions for après-ski activities…


  • Get started on the slopes with the Snow School: Give your friend a chance to learn the right skiing or snowboarding techniques with an all-inclusive package, including the lesson, equipment rental and ticket

Some tips to save money :


  • Free access to the magic carpet at anytime for everyone.


  • A reduced ski ticket rate for charlift IIw and III is avalaible. Chairlift IIw: gives access to the Snow School area, the Family Zone and several trails for beginners. Chairlift III: gives access to many easy trails and the Mohawk Snow Park


  • The Little pass gives unlimited use of chairlifts IIw, I et Iw providing access to a great range of easy and intermediate trails making it ideal for novices and young families.




First and foremost, have fun on the slopes! Smile, ask your instructor questions, and laugh at yourself when you make mistakes… And quickly, you will be having fun on the trails and glades at Mont SUTTON. You will understand why skiers and snowboarders are so passionate when they talk about their sport and Mont SUTTON…


After your day, you will have earned your après-ski treat! Meet up at Bar Le Tucker for an authentic, relaxing après-ski break. And even after your ski day is over many other fun après-ski activities are available in town and nearby.




Snow School Instructors:
SUTTON Snow School instructors are there to guide you in the learning process of your new winter sport!



With our guides, discover the trails and all the beauty that SUTTON has to offer, according to your skills and taste. If you meet a guide on the mountain, ask them questions! You will enjoy the experience!


Ski Patrol:
At all times, you can count on the services of the SUTTON Ski Patrol, who takes care of safety on the mountain. Each patroller is especially trained to take care of all types of situations, from simple safety advice to a major intervention case.


Preventionnists :
The preventionnists, who explain and apply the Mountain Code of Conduct, work with the ski patrol and help in any situation, if required. For simple safety advice or any other question, the preventionnists will be happy to help you!




Don’t forget to take a look at the directions to head to Mont SUTTON!


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