School Card

Students registered to group lesson programs can take advantage of a discount on the 5 or 9 ski tickets necessary to participate to their program by purchasing the “School Card” that matches their program.


The parent can also purchase the matching Adult School Card to make the best of those family outings at the mountain, two “Parent-Card” per family maximum.


Categories 5 Saturdays  5 Sundays 9 Saturdays 9 Sundays
3 – 5 years old Free Free Free Free
6 – 13 years old $146 $146 $262 $262
Students 14 – 25 years old $187 $187 $336 $336
18 – 64 years old $273 $273 $489 $489
65 years old and over $187 $187 $336 $336

Taxes not included. The rates are in Canadian dollars and may change without notice. Rates for 2024-2025 season. Proof of age and student status required when applicable.


  • Only the students registered in the weekend group program can acquire a School Card.
  • The School Card tickets are only valid on lesson days. You can’t buy more tickets than the number required for your lessons.
  • The School Card is valid on Saturdays or Sundays depending on your program. The School Cards are valid starting on the first day of your program, either the weekend of January 4-5 or the weekend of January 11-12, depending on your program. Please show your card at the ticket office to receive your ticket. This card is non transferable.
  • The parent of a child registered in a youth weekend program can purchase the matching School Card, two per family maximum.
  • For quicker validation service, the Snow School recommends that cardholders go to the Snow School counter.


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