Corporate tickets

An excellent source of mountain rewards


Offer your employees, clients and suppliers the chance to live a SUTTON experience with the corporate tickets!


Corporate tickets allow access to the slopes on the day of your choice, without reservations!


*New this season: with the RFID chip tickets, users will go directly to the chairlifts! No need to go to the ticket office!


Until December 15,  2022

$66,60 + tax / ticket*

(Regular ticket: $89 + tax)

*Minimum purchase of 25 tickets



After December 15, 2022

$74 + tax / ticket*

(Regular ticket: $89 + tax)

*Minimum purchase of 25 tickets



Take a look at the numerous advantages:

  • Direct to lift
  • Transferable and valid at all times during the current season (no reservations needed)
  • Tax deductible as an advertising or business expense
  • Personnalised with your campany’s name
  • Quick postal delivery directly to your office (or tickets can be picked up at customer service)
  • Subsequent purchases of 10 tickets at the same corporate rate ($74 + tax per ticket) for the remainder of season



Corporate ticket orders taken directly at the customer service counter or by phone at 1-866-538-2545, option 0.



*All visitors agree to respect the COVID preventive measures required by Public Health on the day of their visit.