From the hyper light stuff to the big-mountain powder seekers, there’s a wide range of products available for all types of skiers out there. Here at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON we proudly take the “earn your turn” approach. A philosophy where the “down” MUST be worth the “up”… Where every light touring ski we sell must first and foremost ski like a proper ski, where every alpine touring ski boot must first be comfortable and ski well and where every alpine touring binding must transfer energy efficiently between boot and ski.

With that mantra in mind, we feature the best of the best in Alpine Touring equipment.


At the Boutique Expérience SUTTON we have the gear you want, the expertise you seek and the real-world advice you need.





While it’s all too easy to build a light ski, it’s altogether another thing to build a nice-skiing light ski. Here at Boutique Expérience SUTTON we’ve fallen hard for Scott touring skis. This Swiss company has been quietly building some of the best skis on the planet for quite some time now, and they certainly seem to have found the recipe to build the best skiing light skis in the business. Light touring skis that ski like honest-to-goodness real skis. Zero compromise. As a matter of fact, we’ve sold most of our Scott touring skis to people who had no intention of touring with them. They simply bought them because they ski so well.


Fischer skis are the result of uncompromising engineering and design as well as an attention to quality that’s hard to match. Their super-light touring ski family is well complemented by their all-mountain Ranger skis that, while a little heavier, certainly provide that dual use option for those wanting a true skiing ski for the “down” part.


Anchored by the best-in-class V-Werks BMT, our Völkl touring selection echoes our commitment to providing our customers with light skis that don’t just climb well but that also ski the entire mountain properly. Holding an edge when needed and floating on snow on powder days. Just imagine, Völkl’s quality and performance in a light, high-tech package and you can understand why we’re excited.





Pioneers in the touring/freeride boot market, Scarpa is all about boots. That’s all they do. From hiking boots to telemark boots to alpine and touring boots, Scarpa knows feet. We have two of their boot families : The FREEDOM family of boots that allow a skier to simply interchange their soles in order to have the best in touring while maintaining the safety, performance and convenience of an alpine set-up. Let us not forget the magnificently comfortable F1 boot that will change your perception of touring boots.


This Italian ski boot manufacturer is renowned for making ski boots that fit the hard to fit feet while still providing great performance. Their Cabriolet design are our number one selling boot family because they eschew the traditional “no pain no gain” mantra and instead, simply fit. The Sherpa family, designed with the help of several pro free-ride athletes, is one of the best skiing pure-touring ski boots out there.


This Austrian designed and Italian built boot company is synonymous with customization. Their groundbreaking Vacuum technology turned the entire ski boot industry on its ear several years ago and we’re true believers. If you’ve never found true ski boot love, you might want to step up and discover what Vacuum boots can do for your ski experience.


Thanks in part to their acquisition of the legendary Garmont ski boot company several years ago, Scott quickly became a key player in the touring boot market. They’ve since built upon their stellar product line by pushing the envelope of technology and fit. Today, Scott boots are sough-out primarily because of their comfort, light weight and surprising skiability. Like the saying goes: “Trying is believing!”





Safe, solid, and proven, Marker’s Kingpin bindings are game-changers and quite simply the industry standard when it comes to zero-compromise skiable “Tech” AT bindings. Sure, there are lighter brands and models of alpine touring bindings out there, but none can claim better skiability, security and ease of use than the Kingpin. Add to that the amazing and wildly popular Tour F10 and F12 as well as the Duke and Baron families and right there you have the “earn your turn” hall of fame.


For those looking for a traditional touring set-up, this reputable French ski binding company offers a true “Tech” AT binding. More precisely, the Dynafit Radical FT with “Look” colours and branding.


These highly capable Austrian bindings are surprisingly strong and light for alpine-boot compatible touring bindings, and they’ve been an important part of our program for as long as it’s been called Boutique Expérience SUTTON. Their solidity and on-trail capability make them a perfect choice for the occasional touring aficionado who still wants a ski that performs everywhere on the mountain but requires ascension capabilities.