From the hyper light stuff to the big-mountain powder seekers, there’s a wide range of products available for all types of skiers out there. Here at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON we proudly take the “earn your turn” approach. A philosophy where the “down” MUST be worth the “up”… Where every light touring ski we sell must first and foremost ski like a proper ski, where every alpine touring ski boot must first be comfortable and ski well and where every alpine touring binding must transfer energy efficiently between boot and ski.

With that mantra in mind, we feature the best of the best in Alpine Touring equipment.


At the Boutique Expérience SUTTON we have the gear you want, the expertise you seek and the real-world advice you need.





The Kore skis collection by Head is the perfect fit for the everyday freerider and the ultimate backcountry partner. Thanks to the GRAPHENE technology, the ski construction is designed to be light without compromising the ski’s downhill performance. That said, you’ll have the lightness and stiffness you need on the slopes.


Atomic’s Backland collection offers everything you need in terms of skis, boots and bindings for alpine touring. The skis in this collection are designed to be light on climbs and able to ski on all types of terrain. From the top of the mountain to the base, groomed trails and glades, the Backland collection will provide enjoyable descents.


The collection Blaze by Völkl echoes our commitment to providing our customers with light skis that don’t just climb well but that also ski the entire mountain properly. Holding an edge when needed and floating on snow on powder days. Just imagine, Völkl’s quality and performance in a light, high-tech package and you can understand why we’re excited.





This Italian ski boot manufacturer is renowned for making ski boots that fit the hard to fit feet while still providing great performance. The Lupo boot allows you to build and deconstruct the boot for optimal comfort and lightness when climbing and the performance and stiffness you are looking for sking. For example, it is possible to remove the tongue from the boot to facilitate the movement during the ascent and to put it back on during the descent.


With the Hawx Prime XTD boot, the versatility is there! This is a good seller at the Boutique Expérience SUTTON because it’s perfect to be used for both all-mountain and alpine freeride skiing. This is great for all types of conditions that Mont SUTTON can offer during a season.


The Strider Elite boot found its way into our store because of its light weight on the uphill without compromising the performance of the boot on the downhill. In addition, this model offers 46 degrees of movement on climbs and easy boot locking on descents which is great for shorter climbs.





Safe, solid, and proven, Marker’s Kingpin bindings are game-changers and quite simply the industry standard when it comes to zero-compromise skiable “Tech” AT bindings. Sure, there are lighter brands and models of alpine touring bindings out there, but none can claim better skiability, security and ease of use than the Kingpin. Add to that the amazing and wildly popular Tour F10 and F12 as well as the Duke and Baron families and right there you have the “earn your turn” hall of fame.


Atomic’s alpine touring bindings are lightweight, reliable and easy to handle. The Shift binding is the BEST SELLING binding in the world! What makes it world famous is its versatility to be used in all conditions and for all types of outings. If you want to ski the ski area in the morning and go alpine hiking at the end of the day, this binding does it all! In short, there is no compromise with this binding.





We offer everything you need in store for the winter conditions that Mont SUTTON can offer to its guests. The best way to practice alpine hiking is to wear multi-layers. This way, you will be sure not to be too hot on the way up and too cold on the way down.


You will find technical underwear by Icebreaker for a first layer. In addition, we also offer warm clothing without cotton, which allows heat to evaporate more easily. Also, find in store quilted jackets from Orage and The North Face to wear under a shell-type jacket.