Race Department

At SUTTON, racing is a big deal… And we’re in it to win!

Since opening our new Boutique in 2013, we have always felt a strong commitment to our racing community. For this season, we’ve decided to take it up a notch. Flexed our race muscles with the full race programs from Atomic, Head, Völkl, Nordica and Dalbello race boots. Add to our amazing ski and boots selection an amped-up helmet, goggles and accessory program from proven go-fast companies such as POC and Leki… You’re going to be impressed by our Race Service Department.


Our goal is to take good care of our racers and to dominate the race landscape. No one goes into racing with the hopes of coming in fourth and we’re certainly gearing-up to win. With the four best ski brands on the market we are making sure that everyone we hook-up will blow their completion away.


Think of us as YOUR official supplier.




We only sell the fast stuff from this Austrian racing powerhouse. Powerful, silky-smooth and designed for those who like their skis without compromise, Atomic’s DNA is steeped in racing history, from Bill Johnson, to Hermann Maier to the new crop of World Cup superstars like Mikaela Shiffrin… If you like speed, step right up, we have the Atomic race skis in stock for you.



Head race skis have always found their way onto the podium since the very creation of the sport. Their commitment to winning is legendary and their complete dominance on the World Cup trickles down to everyone of their offerings. From top-tier athletes on the world cup to skiers just wanting to slice and dice race courses for fun, Head dominates.



This legendary German icon has a well-deserved reputation in the fast ski market. Their legendary Racetiger family has been terrorizing race courses for decades on the World Cup Circuit and while it was never a secret that their old race skis used to be difficult to ski, their recent offerings have happily managed to combine their performance with a smooth ease of use historically reserved for French skis. Fast AND fun: what a concept.





Powerful boots designed to transmit energy to your skis, Atomic race boots have very much evolved over the years and this latest crop of race boots finally have the go-fast recipe dialled-in. Close-to-your-foot feel and a variety of flexes to suit your weight and strength, come try a pair on, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



This Italian ski boot manufacturer is renowned for making ski boots that fit the hard to fit feet while still providing great performance. Dalbello’s overlap DRS race family is no different… except faster. Much faster. These green and white beauties are the choice of Eva-Maria Brem and have been providing athletes like Mark Gini with the perfect mix of comfort and performance for a few seasons now… Comfy race boots. Interesting concept.



The originator of the performance race boot, Nordica has long been synonymous with both racing and comfort. Their iconic black Dobermann race boots are beloved by all who slide them on, as much for their looks, their performance and for their out-of-the-box comfort.