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SUTTON NOVEMBER 17, 2022 – With the success of its last recruitment campaign based on an entertaining and accessible flowchart, Mont SUTTON has decided to use the same concept for the upcoming winter season to present the different employment options offered and to stand out from the rest.


The objective of the flowchart is to make the job search entertaining for the candidates. By answering various yes and no questions, the candidate will be directed to a position that corresponds to their interests and skills.


This campaign has a light-hearted and humorous touch. It includes questions such as “When you play Monopoly, are you in charge of the bank?” and “You only go to the mountain if the bar is open? “. The return of this concept allows candidates to imagine their future work environment. With the flowchart, Mont SUTTON wants to show that there are positions for all tastes within the team and that fun is put forward at the mountain.


If you don’t miss an episode of “Les Chefs” and if your culinary talents have the potential to rival those of Ricardo, become a cook or an assistant cook! If you embrace the cold like a polar bear and consider snow to be the eighth wonder of the world, then a job as a lift operator or snow maker is for you. This is only a small sample of the jobs that are available this winter at Mont SUTTON.


The flowchart will appear on social networks and the company’s website.


Take the quiz by clicking on the image ↓



See all available positions here!


Mont SUTTON is a major ski resort located in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, known across North America for its unique glade concept for every type of skier and its many junctions creating endless possibilities for every run. Mont SUTTON also sets itself apart with its authentic ambiance, awe-inspiring nature and its exceptional snow conditions!



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