Mont sutton since 1960

A story of passion

It’s the story of a mountain, a passionate family, the Boulangers, and of a visionary, Réal Boulanger. In 1960, he had a dream, a big dream… to develop the mountain in Sutton and turn it into a unique ski resort where winter lovers would be able to ski to their heart’s content, in a charming environment that would delight the eyes and challenge the feet!


Réal truly felt he had discovered what made skiing such a unique sport. He firmly believed that it was an enjoyable sport in all conditions, and that it was safe and accessible to all, but wanted to figure out why skiers found so much pleasure sliding through the trees with skis strapped to their feet. What made a skier choose one trail over another? The different challenges? The snow conditions? The view? Réal looked into each of these aspects when defining the characteristics that would make Mont SUTTON what it is and that would keep skiers coming back again and again. It’s with all this in mind that Réal Boulanger came up with every detail to create Mont SUTTON. After more than 50 years, dedicated skiers still show up to the unique mountain they all love.


The Boulanger family owned and operated Mont SUTTON from its opening day until March 2016, when it was sold to Jean-Michel Ryan, Pierre Chesnay, and Sylvain Gervais, who will uphold Réal Boulanger’s legacy while preserving the mountain’s DNA, its authenticity, its values…