Inauguration of the giant zipline

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A great project will be inaugurated on Saturday July 3rd, as Mont SUTTON will now offer to its visitors, outdoor enthusiasts, adventure lovers and adrenaline seekers, a new activity: the brand new giant zipline! It will be the longest zipline in the Eastern Townships and one of the most impressive in the province!
Mont SUTTON a staple four season outdoor destination
In addition to mountain biking, hiking, chairlift rides and camping at the summit, the giant zipline will be a springboard that will confirm Mont SUTTON’s position as a four-season outdoor staple destination in the Eastern Townships, in Quebec and in Eastern North America.
“The objective with this giant zipline project is to position Mont SUTTON even more as a first class four season’s destination. We are really proud of this achievement! It is a new milestone in the execution of our strategic development plan that will not only consolidate and annualize existing jobs, but also create more than twenty new ones at the mountain. This new activity will increase the tourist offer in the region and will favour more overnight stays in the region and for Sutton as a destination.” Jean-Michel Ryan, President and General Manager of Mont SUTTON
A giant zip line unique in many ways
Building the longest zipline in the region with one of the steepest inclines in Quebec was a major undertaking and required an important work site that lasted almost eight months. By the fall of 2020, designers and employees were already hard at work putting in place the foundations for the impressive start, mid-station and finish towers.
This spring, as soon as the snow melted, the work began anew. Several hours of manpower and several helicopter hauls were required to complete this major project. Tons of beams and zipline material were transported from the foot of the mountain to two of the tower locations. All of this was done with the utmost respect for the environment, minimizing the impact on the mountain’s appearance.
The only one of its kind in Quebec, it will be distinct by its steep incline, its system, its kilometre-long course and its impressive infrastructure designed to harmonize with the mountain’s natural surroundings.
It will be a distinct experience in the region and in Quebec
Without a doubt, anticipation runs high at Mont SUTTON as the installation of the imposing infrastructure for the new giant zipline is complete. This major project will allow thrill seekers to careen down the mountain in a different way! The adventure will start with a chairlift ride to the altitude of 680 m. Once at this summit, one will be able to enjoy the magnificent view of the Eastern Townships landscape. Then, after this moment of contemplation, one can move on to the action from the top of the zipline’s impressive launching tower.
This first section of the new giant zipline is one kilometer long, offering a breathtaking incline and view! After this long descent through the canopy, another 400 m descent on a second zipline, heads back to the base of the mountain. Once this second section is completed, adrenaline seekers will have covered a total of 1400 m of astonishing travel through the air!
This new project aligns itself completely with the values of Mont SUTTON, that has at the centre of its priorities that of offering an environment and experiences where the surpassing of oneself is accomplished within amazing nature settings!
Reservations are made via the Mont SUTTON website and are strongly recommended, as availability can become scarce very quickly. All details and reservations at:
Mont SUTTON is a major ski resort located in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, known across North America for its unique glade concept for every type of skier and its many junctions creating endless possibilities for every run. Mont SUTTON also sets itself apart with its authentic ambiance, awe-inspiring nature and its exceptional snow conditions, its distinctive mountain bike trails, its rustic camping at the summit, its outdoor sculptures and the longest zipline in the Eastern Townships!