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SUTTON, March 11, 2023 – With all the snow received in the last weeks, Mont SUTTON is currently offering great snow conditions with 100% of its skiable area open, including the alpine touring trails to multiply the ways of having fun! With the increase interest for this activity, Mont SUTTON took the opportunity to reiterate the safety rules on its blog.

A great opportunity to access the Quebec winter landscape
To fully appreciate the nature of our Quebec winter, there is nothing like skiing and alpine touring! Snowy trails provide in fact the best conditions to try alpine touring! More and more popular, alpine touring appeals to active people in search of cardio workout, meaning hiking up with skins rather than taking the chairlift, as a means of ascent before the descent. Mont SUTTON, in addition to its specific trails for the ascent which are in the forest, has also set up an extended schedule with ascents and descents assigned directly on the ski trails outside the hours of operation of the chairlifts. This alternative requires however a lot of information and precaution. Mont SUTTON has published on its website, a reminder to its users. The purpose of this reminder is to allow everyone to enjoy the activity, and this, in complete safety.
The main lines of reminder on the safety in alpine touring
Although the ascent is done on trails distinct from the day ski trails, it does not constitute a permission to ski off trail zone and, at Mont SUTTON, any descent must always be done on a marked alpine ski trail: green, blue, black, glade or tree skiing run but never in the woods. Alpine touring and skiing must be done on the Mont SUTTON ski area only, on the marked trails, according to the established hours of the different trails and routes. These zones have been specifically designated to reduce the risk of accidents between skiers and with the trail maintenance teams in action. It is therefore important to stay on the designated trails, both for the ascent and descent. Before 7am and after 7pm, it is strictly forbidden to be on the mountain. At other times, you must make sure to validate if the sector is authorized. Groomers and the use of a winch with cable for grooming are a real danger for anyone on the slopes! This high-tension steel cable is attached to the grooming machine and can be up to 1 km long. It can be difficult to detect because it can wobble, be hidden under the snow, or, in full tension!
Limiting the ascents – and descents – to the specified routes and respecting the signs will also ensure the preservation of the fauna and flora. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and the Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton (PENS) join Mont SUTTON in reminding that the Green Mountains Nature Reserve (GMNR) is home to fragile ecosystems, and that outside of the marked alpine trails and the skiable area identified by Mont SUTTON, alpine touring and skiing are prohibited.
Also, as the coordination and development of the trails require time and effort, a ticket is required at all times to show that the rights of way have been paid and the rules read; this will most certainly ensure the continuity of this beautiful activity.
The page gives all the details and conditions for the practice of this sport to discover. By following the recommendations, pleasure, safety and great panorama should be at the rendez-vous. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful activities to discover our beautiful Quebec winter landscape.

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