XMAN 2022

August 13 - To be confirmed

On August 13 2022

Once again this year, Mont SUTTON will host the XMAN race!


The XMAN race is an obstacle course done on foot in an extreme environment and in an extreme atmosphere! You find road running boring? You want to challenge yourself both physically and mentally with something new? Running without a goal is meaningless to you? You like CrossFit? You like challenges? You feel you’re not up to running but the rest of your body is screaming to do something beyond its limits? You like weight training in the gym, but have yet to prove to your friends that you are truly strong in real life and not just to pull and push metal plates? You are an experienced runner that needs something new and challenging? You like mud? You like being dirty? You like surprises? You are not afraid of little scratches? You’d like to tell your friends and family that you’re an XMAN?


If you answered YES to even only one of the previous questions, XMAN is definitely for you. At XMAN, no fake spartans, no fake gladiators, just real tough obstacles, real mud and elevation gain on the course with spectacular landscapes, which makes it a true epic adventure.


Who can be an XMAN:

Anyone, from beginners, to elites, young and old. Whether it’s your first race or obstacles scare you, everyone finishes the course at their own rythm or skips obstacles that are too challenging by doing the assigned penalty.


Details and registrations on the XMAN Race website!