open skiable domain

Open trails

Easy Difficult Very difficult Extreme Glades Tree skiing
Trail number Name Level Type Opening
1 Alleghanys (bas/bottom) Easy Closed
1 Alleghanys (haut/top) Difficult Open
2 Coucou EasyDifficult Glades Closed
3 Starlet Difficult Closed
4 Sous-bois Starlet Difficult Glades Closed
5 Loup de Loup Easy Closed
6 Bee-Bop Difficult Open
7 St-Bernard EasyDifficult Open
8 Ricochet Difficult Glades Open
9 Yum-Yum Easy Closed
10 Connection Easy Open
11 Passeport Easy Open
12 Transit Easy Open
13 Cendrillon Easy Open
14 Capucine Difficult Glades Open
15 Cascade Easy Open
16 Alouette (bas/bottom) Easy Open
16 Alouette (haut/top) Difficult Open
17 Traverse Difficult Glades Open
18 Sous-Bois II Difficult Glades Closed
19 Caprice Difficult Glades Closed
20 Sutton-Ik Difficult Open
21 Mohawk EasyDifficult Open
22 Détour Easy Open
23 ABC Easy Open
24 Barcarole Easy Glades Open
25 Dou-de-Lom Easy Open
26 Youppe-Youppe EasyDifficult Open
27 Sous-bois Youp Very difficult Glades Closed
28 Challenge Extreme Glades Closed
29 Sous-bois Poma Extreme Glades Closed
30 Bo-Réal Very difficultExtreme Open
31 Mic-Mac Very difficult Glades Open
32 Stade de slalom Extreme Open
33 Kangourou Extreme Open
34 Surprise Very difficult Glades Open
35 Sous-bois IV B Very difficult Glades Open
35A Crocodile Extreme + Forest ski Closed
36 Sous-bois IV A Extreme Glades Open
37 Dynamique Very difficult Open
38 Alibi Difficult Glades Open
39 Sous-bois V DifficultExtreme Glades Open
40 Zig-Zag Difficult Glades Open
41 Alpine DifficultExtreme Open
42 Escapade Very difficult Glades Open
43 Iroquois Very difficult Glades Open
44 Miracle DifficultExtreme Open
45 Relais Easy Open
46 Sous-bois Miracle Difficult Glades Open
49 Entonnoir Extreme + Forest ski Closed
50 Sélection Very difficult Glades Open
51 Attraction (bas/bottom) Difficult Open
51 Attraction (haut/top) Extreme Open
52 Émotion (bas/bottom) Very difficult Open
52 Émotion (haut)ion( haut/top) Extreme Open
53 Intrépide (bas/bottom) Very difficult Open
53 Intrépide (haut/top) Extreme Open
54 Bou-bou (bas/bottom) Very difficult Glades Open
54 Bou-bou (haut/top) Extreme + Forest ski Closed
55 Exil DifficultVery difficult Open
56 Accès (4 au / to 2) Easy Open
56 Accès (7 au / to 5) Easy Open
60 Paisible Easy Glades Closed
61 Fantaisie Extreme Forest ski Closed
62 Extase Extreme Forest ski Closed
63 Séduction Extreme Forest ski Closed
9A Forêt des merveilles Easy Closed

Open chairlifts

Chairlift number Description Opening
I double Fermé
I West double Fermé
II detachable quad Ouvert
II West double Ouvert
III double Fermé
IV quadruple Ouvert
IV West double Fermé
V double Fermé
VII quadruple Fermé

Open chalets

Chalet name Services Opening
Chalet Alt. 400 m Ouvert
Chalet Alt. 520 m Fermé
Chalet Alt. 680 m Fermé
Chalet Alt. 840 m Ouvert