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Buying skis is a considerable investment, you can spend a lot of time reading the technical data sheets in ski magazines and listen to comments and suggestions from other skiers but the reality is that choosing a ski is very personal; what may please or suit one skier will not necessarily please or suit everyone.


Take advantage of the demo days to try and discover new technologies and different types of skis. Our ski demos will be offered every day until the end of the season!



A few points to keep in mind when choosing your skis:

• Your skill level.
• What type of skier are you?
• Will you have several pairs of skis or only one?
• If you choose a single pair of skis, make sure you choose a ski that is versatile, take the time to try it on different types of terrain: groomed trails, glades, powder, ice surfaces.
• Choose qualities that suit the type of skiing you want to do: a wider, lighter ski for powder, a longer ski made of vibration-absorbing material for groomed skiing and high-speed, high-powered turns, a more or less flexible ski, a more or less pronounced camber, and other qualities.
• A ski length adapted to your height, try also a size above or below to discover different sensations.



Our demos: Völkl, Atomic, Fisher, Head, K2, Scott


Monday to Thursday, go inside the shop to choose your skis. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the demos take place outside on the terrace of the shop.


Get the demo card at 25$ + t. valid for 3 days of trials (on sale at the boutique). Please note that you can try each model of skis for 1 to 3 runs in order to try them out and that you can try as many models as you want! The 25$ paid is deductible when you buy a pair of skis within 24 hours following the trial. Reservation recommended.




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